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MLM Marketing Questions and Answers

Would you like to have a place where you can get your MLM marketing questions answered? Ever feel like it is confusing with all the different distractions on there to stay on the right path? Well, in this blog post I am sharing a new, totally free, service to help you with your network marketing questions.

Network Marketing Answers Through Twitter

Something I envisioned a long time ago was to be able to serve the network marketing population at a larger scale, wasn’t sure exactly how, but, always wanted to help out my fellow network marketer even if they may not be in my primary company. I believe my MLM blog is now a pretty solid resource for budding and veteran network marketers answering questions such as what type of routine do I suggest to how to get traffic to your MLM blog to how to prospect on Twitter, however, I think I can still do more to help out the network marketing world.

Starting today, you will be able to submit your network marketing questions to me on Twitter and I will get them answered for you. It is a very simple process that I will lay out below:

1. Go to my Twitter Page ==>> Ray Higdon Twitter
2. Click Follow (if you are not following, your question will not be answered, pretty reasonable I think)
3. At the top where the Twitter page asks “What’s happening?” type @rayhigdon and then follow @rayhigdon with your question
4. Check your @twittername on your twitter page for when I answer

Why am I doing this?

A lot of people send me questions through email and I answer them in a timely fashion but the truth is a lot of people have the same questions like how to get leads, traffic, sales, overcome objections, etc. It is more leveraged for me and more serving to answer questions in this manner so other people may benefit from the same suggested resource or answer. I also would like to step up my twitter conversations as I have been kind of lax in that department.

What the hell is Twitter?

It is another social network where you can connect with people in a very simple way. It is not a replacement for Facebook but a cool additional way to connect. It is a little simpler than Facebook to use and some parts of it can be automated. About a year ago I did a webinar on Twitter marketing that you can check out here – Ray Higdon Twitter Training

Join the Conversation and Hit me With Your Marketing Questions!

I look forward to helping you with your questions! If you have any comments or appreciate this service, leave me a comment below!

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