Ever wonder what I think is the VERY best MLM marketing method? Today you will know!

IF you are trying to generate more leads and prospects for your company, this will help.

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THE Best MLM Marketing Method

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I have done about every type of MLM marketing you can imagine, today’s show will share what I think is the best method and why.

In my opinion, blogging is the very best MLM marketing method. The reason we like blogging the most is when you create a blog it stays out there forever and the more of those you create, they’re like online assets, you’re actually building an online asset bank to bring people to you, we generate leads and sales from blog posts that are five years old every single day.

Now, here’s the two obstacles that most people have when it comes to blogging. Number one, why would someone listen to me? Now think about it. When I started blogging I had failed at 11 different network marketing companies and I was in personal foreclosure. Did I start every blog video, “Hey, this is Ray, I’m in personal foreclosure and listen to my message today.” No, of course not, cause no one would listen to that, but it was a way for me to share things I was learning.

You don’t have to have an impressive resume to start blogging. We started blogging with an ugly blog, people used to make fun of it and say, “Oh my God, he’s the guy with that ugly blog.” Seriously, people used to say, “Man, you got one ugly blog.” We were getting traffic. We were generating the leads. I mean, back then we were generating like, I think, we got up to 20 to 50 leads a day. We’re now well over 150 leads a day and that’s all through the power of blogging, so the number one obstacle to blogging is why would someone listen to me. That’s a very selfish take on blogging. Stop caring about what you look like, and instead share what you’re learning.

We believe blogging is the very best method of MLM marketing, it establishes you as an authority. Someone was on here earlier and said I want to join your team. Do you realize I get that every week? There isn’t a week that goes by that someone doesn’t say I want to join your team, every week. We recruited three people in the last week and a half. All people that reached out to me.

If you want to learn blogging I highly suggest you register for our training here, I think blogging is the best MLM marketing method out there, you control it, you own it, you can tweak it, you can change it up, it lasts forever. It built our business.

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