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The Ray Higdon Network Marketing App… It’s Free!

Downloadable MLM App - Free

Taking it to the next level

Yep, it’s true, there is now a Ray Higdon MLM app that you can download and check out. I am going to share what my plans are with it and why you should download it now while it is still free =)

Who The Heck Would Want the Ray Higdon App? lol

The Ray Higdon MLM app was created for anyone in the home based business or network marketing space that enjoys training on how to build their business. Right now (this may change though) I have over 4 hours of training on there that I have NEVER released and you can download and listen to it right on your smart phone. I do plan on adding a lot of training to this app to serve the MLM community but this app will NOT always be free. Those that download now will be grandfathered in.

How to Download the MLM App

You can download from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, etc by going to your app store and searching for “ray higdon”. I have also provided these links for you: Apple Download, Android Download.

What Training is Currently on the App?

Right now I have 4 hours of training I did on marketing, blogging and I even touch on how to be a profitable speaker. This is from a private mastermind event I did for a best selling author a few months ago. This audio has never been released and you can only find it on the app itself. If you do not have a smart phone there is currently no way you can listen to it. I will be adding new audios to the app regularly.

I also have another audio on there on how to become a $50,000 a month earner in network marketing. This is a no holds barred look into what it really takes and what I did to hit $50k a month in network marketing (this is NOT for the faint of heart, it gets intense). That audio has never been widely distributed except as a bonus to my buyers of training.

Free Power Strategy Call with Me for Rating my Ray Higdon App

As I am trying to make a big splash in the app market, I am going to do something really cool. For those that rate my app within the next 48 hours for apple or android, I am going to give you a free power strategy session with me. This will be ONE ON ONE with me and you and I can guarantee you will help you get over some of your blockages to success. So download and rate today and you are on your way to MLM stardom!

Tonight I am the featured Speaker on the MLSP webinar

Tonight at 9pm est I am the featured speaker on the MLSP webinar. I am going to be covering how to stop being overwhelmed and confused and how to become a recruiting behemoth whether you are part time or fulltime. You can register by visiting this link

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