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MLM Leadership Strategies You Wish Your Upline Had

It’s funny, I am very grateful to all my past uplines as they taught me ALL the things I did not like and a few things I did like. I am reading Tony Dungy’s book “The Mentor Leader” and there are a ton of nuggets that I think more leaders in network marketing need to understand and more importantly, practice. Here are 7 tips I got out of his book.

What Were Some of the Mistakes My Past Uplines Made?

Again, this is not me complaining, this is my celebrating the series of events that led me to become the number one earner in my company. Without these bad experiences I would never have made it here. Here are some of the things I experienced from my past, not so great, uplines:

1. Chastising on marketing. Feedback is important but telling me how I am doing things is stupid is not the best language to use with your downline.

2. Not calling me back, not being there when I needed help.

3. Promising the world and delivering sheer crap.

4. Managing Me versus leading, developing and working with me.

5. Not teaching me the real world stuff that works but instead telling me to re-approach my family and friends.

7 Action Steps Every MLM Upline Should Start Right Now

1. Engage – Be engaged with those you work with to show them that you support and care about their success. Leadership is a contact sport, not a managerial position. For Example: I am starting a private webinar for those in my team that are ranked 4 star manager or higher where we will mastermind each week (contact me for details if you fit that description)

2. Support – Reply and respond to EVERYONE in your team, even if they have not had success yet. Some folks are slow starters, give everyone a shot at making the grade.

3. Equip – Create an empowering atmosphere and community. Social media has made this very convenient and easy to do. Facebook groups are a great place to put new team members in so they can connect with other teammates and share experiences and get feedback. You also want to have a fast start training that is reusable and recorded that any new teammate can go through.

4. Encourage – This can look differently to different people. Me, I am more of a tough love guy. I think more people need a kick in the pants than a pat on the back. I help people strive for their greatness by challenging them and being tough on them. Know that every teammate has the potential for success, no matter where they are mentally.

5. Empower – Be the leader but then step back and let your team shine. Do NOT be the focus of all of your marketing, presentations, etc. Bring out some of your leaders to run webinars, presentations, meetings, etc. Strive to create a leader incubation environment and you will build an empire.The MLM upline leader SHOULD NOT BE THE SUPERSTAR. It is the up and comers that deserve the recognition as they are working harder than they are getting compensated typically. The biggest reward you can ever receive in life is seeing one of your teammates have massive success.

6. Believe – Believe in your team. Understand that they will almost always run into people that do not believe in them. They may have a non-supportive spouse, non-supporting friends and non-supporting family. You have to believe in them 100% to help them start to believe in themselves. This is a sacred honor of the network marketing leader.

7. Strategize – Do you want to be doing what you are doing in 20 years? Well, it is actually lazy to say yes to that question. As you develop leaders it will allow you to continually work on new people, new teammates and empower them to work with others and other groups. The highest honor of a leader in network marketing is to know that your business will run without you but making the choice to find new ways to energize, empower and assist your growing team members and leaders.


Post a comment if you have a funny experience with a past (or current, god forbid) upline. I will start it off. My past upline would chastise me in front of a group all the time. One time she asked my then girlfriend what we talked about in bed to better understand where I was coming from. Yep, pretty crazy right? What is your story?

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