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Heavy Hitter, MLM Leader Interview: Terry Petrovick


If you want to have BIG success in network marketing, listen to those that have accomplished what you desire. This is a copycat industry. Copy the actions of those that are successful and you will get their level of success. This interview peers inside the mind of one of the best MLM Leaders in the industry, Terry Petrovick.

Who is Terry Petrovick?

Terry was making a six figure a year income in corporate America when his son asked if he loved him due to him never seeing him (ouch). Terry decided right then and there that the rat race was not for him and he has now been a fulltime network marketer for 17 years. Not only has he made millions of dollars, he has actually helped put millions of dollars into the pockets of others in his team.

His team of 38,000 people span 16 countries and that particular business he has not personally worked in almost 3 years. There were many times in his career where Terry got discouraged or thought about quitting but never did. This interview was done for my personal team as Terry is a member of my team but the interview was too good not to share with everyone.

Interview with 2 MLM Leaders Terry Petrovick and Ray Higdon


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