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MLM Blog: What NOT to Say to Your Friends and Family

The details that are outlined in this blog are the cause of so many fatalities in an MLM Network, saying the WRONG thing to your friends and family. In this MLM blog I am going to share with you some of the most common, and dangerous, things people say to their friends and family that you should avoid at all costs.

Want Them to Avoid Even Looking at Your MLM Network? Say These Things

  • It’s a ground floor opportunity
  • It’s a great way to save money on taxes
  • You would be great at it
  • Awesome way to get awesome products
  • You barely even have to work at this mlm network as it is so different from all the rest of them

Now, might some of these things, or all of them be true? Yes. But that does NOT mean you should lead with them. No one wants to be sold anything let alone be told why they should join an MLM network.

So, How CAN  you talk to them about your MLM Network?

The number one thing you have to do when introducing your friends and family to your MLM network is raise curiosity. Here are some things you SHOULD say to them as they will do a much better job at raising curiosity rather than leaving them with the feeling of being SOLD to:

  • It may or may not be for you
  • If you are interested, great, if not, no big deal
  • I am going to build it with or without you, would love to do it with you if it is a fit

OK, they are interested in your MLM network, Now what?

Use some form of third party tool or event that is easy to be duplicated. This could be a CD, DVD, Online Video, physical event, meeting at your house where an upline is presenting, or a conference call. It is key for them to see that you did not work very hard to sell them, and that all you did was invite them to check it out. They then know that they can also do what you did to build their MLM network if they choose to join.

When You Don’t Use Hype…

When you don’t use hype, you don’t burn them out by having them feel like they were sleezed on or that you were simply trying to make a profit from them and you can always reapproach them at a different date. Also, if they DO decide to join, they will not be upset at you if you promised them some baloney nonsense that they never had to work at it. I have found that one of the key reasons people fail in an MLM network is they come in with false expectations.

If you are recruiting someone and they think they never have to talk to anyone, use the telephone or work at it, you should correct that BEFORE you recruit them into your homebased business.

Friends don’t let friends kill friends

Don’t kill off all your friendships by telling them any features or benefits BEFORE they see a presentation or event. Your job, especially with your friends and family, is just to invite them to check it out and draw their own conclusions. You should never lose a friend by beating them over the head or attempting to explain all the awesome benefits of your awesome company and how awesome they could do at it.

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