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MLM Blog: How To Read People

Do you ever ever feel like you just don’t resonate with someone or they simply don’t see where you are coming from? Perhaps they are unable to take a minute to think about the future ramifications of their actions, or, inactions. The problem is your communication with them. If you want to learn how to read people, continue on!

How to read people via their communication vs their personality

You have probably seen mlm training on how to read people via their personalities. You may have heard of knowing whether someone is an ice, fire or water personality or if they are a duck, lion, or eagle, etc. This is NOT a blog on how to read people via their personality, it is on how to read people via their communication and how best to communicate with them. This is NOT putting down personality reading, just a different suggestion you can use.

Michael Losier suggests there are 4 different types of communicators. It is NOT very difficult to tell who fits into what category based on a little information. he suggests the four types are:

– Auditory – they communicate using hearing or audio type words

– Visual – they communicate using picture, seeing or vision type words

– Kinesthetic – they communicate using touchy or feely type words

– Digital – they communicate using future type words

The digital category is a little weirdly named, but, it does make sense as a category whatever it is named.

How to read people via their own communication

We all have a natural category we fit into. Here are some phrases that IF you use a lot of, you are most likely in the perspective category. It you are to learn how to read people, you should first know how to read yourself 🙂

A) If you use these terms often, you might be an auditory communicator:

– How does that sound?

– Will you just listen to me?

– I hear what you are saying…

– That resonates with me

B) If you use these terms often, you might be a visual communicator:

– See what I mean?

– I would like you to take a look

– Take a look at the big picture

C) If you use these terms often, you might be a kinesthetic communicator

– Wanted to reach out and touch base with you

– I feel like…

– I need someone to hold my hand and guide me through the process

D) If you use these terms often, you might be a digital communicator

– Do you have a step-by-step way to build this over time?

– How should I spend my time?

– Things are working out for me in the long run

The above phrases certainly do not cover every possible phrase of course but after reading them I think you either A) can tell which one is in harmony with you or B) see what I mean or C) get a feel for which one is you or D) know which one is right for you moving forward. (Isn’t that neat?)

How to communicate With Others

My friend Cedrick says that the fortune is in the CONNECTION, not just in the follow-up. How true. Have you ever set an appointment with a prospect for your MLM and they did not answer their phone at the allotted time and then never called you back? Barring something weird, the most probably reason is you failed to create a connection with them.

Most people communicate by default. They communicate however they normally talk, never adapting to how they communicate based on who they are talking to. Strong sales people do this naturally. I am not simply talking about mirroring and matching, I am talking about HOW they actually communicate. You can do this via email, phone, social media, etc.

If someone is using auditory type communication with you, that is how you should communicate back if you want to build a strong connection. Done right, this goes unnoticed by the other person but they naturally enjoy talking to you because you are talking to them the exact way they think. By the way, if more people understood these basic concepts, there would be a lot less divorces.

So, next time you are talking to a prospect for your MLM on the phone or via email, listen and look for words they are using that will clue you in to what type of communicator they are and then communicate back to them in the same manner. If you would like to learn more about this, check out Michael Losiers latest called the Law of Communicating. I have listened to it on Audio and it really is great, Happy Communicating!

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