marketing tipsIf you are in network marketing you may wonder, what should you be marketing, your product or your opportunity?

This post will help you with some marketing tips to help you get more results.

Marketing vs. Prospecting

This post is about how you may want to consider MARKETING your home business.

Marketing is where you create some type of content to attract people to you. Prospecting is where you reach out to a particular person and talk to them about what you have to offer.

For prospecting help, this might help Lead with Product or Opportunity?

That is an older post but if you are struggling with what to talk to people about, it should help you.

When it comes to actual marketing though, this is the post where you will get my marketing tips around what to promote.

Marketing Tips for your Home Business

Most people that enter network marketing have not studied marketing nor have very many of them studied or been in sales.

This leads to disaster when it comes to attempting to attract people to them and usually ends with them breaking every fundamental rule of marketing and turning off all their social media friends and gets them losing connections and friends left and right.

This post will help you with what type of content to create and if you should focus on product or opportunity and should be enlightening for you.

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