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Marketing Online but Still Not Getting MLM Leads?

I hear this every single day from network marketers, “Ray, I’ve been blogging, article marketing, etc and I am STILL not getting any quality MLM Leads!” Boy do I know what they are talking about. When I started with online marketing, I experienced the exact same thing and I nearly threw in the towel. This blog talks about having realistic expectations as a new marketer and also what to do as you are learning the different marketing tactics available to us now. Bottom line is, you need to become profitable as quickly as possible and I will show you how.

How friggin’ long does it take??

Haha, good question. How long it takes you to create an online presence that starts to produce MLM leads depends a lot on your time management. Here is what normally happens:

New marketer buys a “system” that is very technical and over their head. They try to then find help on how to setup that system, get frustrated within 14 days and quit. They see all these people talk about getting MLM leads online and basically determine that they are either a) much smarter than them technically or b) that it is baloney.

Here’s the tough truth, your time management will dictate your velocity of success. If you handle your time the right way, you will get there quicker. By the way, most marketers took 6 months or more of content creation and online marketing before they generated anything worth mentioning (this was my case).

Good time management will allow you to systematically build your online presence while also generating some commissions and here is how you do that…

Sample Schedule for Those Learning Online MLM Marketing

25% of time passive marketing – This includes blogging, articles, videos, or any other form of marketing where you hope an unnamed individual responds to something you have done.

10% of time studying – Too often this ends up being 90% of people’s time. I certainly believe in sharpening the axe but enough is enough!

65% of time active prospecting – This means connecting with another human being and talking to them about their needs and your business and how it can help them.

Why so much time active prospecting?

Because that is the most profit producing activity you can possibly do. Building an online presence that gets MLM leads is a long term attack, not an overnight occurrence. If you are to last the long run, you need to generate some commissions before your spouse throws you out of the house.

The other cool thing about active prospecting is ALL of your online content you are creating will get better. Some might ask where to get these people to prospect and here are my three suggestions:

1) Man up and at least approach your warm market (I had approached mine with 12 different companies). This does NOT mean burn them out, quickly qualify them to see if they are open or not and do NOT get discouraged if they do not join.

2) Learn prospecting tactics such as offline prospecting and Facebook prospecting.

3) Buy Leads. For those that believe they have burnt out their warm market, this may be the fastest option for them. This will also give you some very valuable practice on the phone too. (I teamed up with these guys to provide leads – Real-Time targeted MLM Leads)

Online marketing works, I am proof of that, however, it is NOT overnight and sure NEVER replace actual prospecting. If you manage that time and constantly work on your online presence, you will have success in this industry regardless of how long you may have been struggling (like I used to!)

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