Wondering how to leverage your product and stay above the competition?

Today I’m talking about the importance or marketing what your product offers, rather than what it actually is.

Market What Your Network Marketing Product Does, Not What It Is

If your marketing intelligence is that everything you do has to include what the product is, rather than what it does, you will have limited success.  For example, if you are marketing CBD and all you are saying is “get your CBD here, two for one” you will have a tough time.

You know why? Because you can also buy CBD in Walgreens, CVS, Dollar Store, etc.  so if you’re just talking about what it is, rather than what it does or how it can help someone, you will struggle. You won’t have an advantage.

But, if you present your product with, for example, “how to feel better even if you’re not sleeping” or “how to get stronger even if you have aches and pains” or “how to sleep without taking prescription pills” – those all represent what your product/service does.

If you market your product based on things that will never get old, like getting enough sleep or having energy, you will find success.  So you have got to get into what it does.

What does your product do? Maybe it helps people with energy. Maybe it helps them with sleep. And does presenting it that way ever get old? Will people ever want to NOT sleep, or to NOT have energy? No. At what year will this become undesired? Never.

People are always going to want more energy. They’re always going to want more sleep. They’re going to want less aches and pains, right?  They’re going to want a better body. They’re going to want more mental focus. They’re going to want more money.

So you will always have demand for your product if you market based on what it does, rather than what it is.

If you market what it is there’s always a timeline. There’s always a little bit of time that you can market it before the marketplace catches up.

So, if you just market what it is there’s a small amount of time for you before the rest of the world catches up and now you’re a commodity, because then you will have to prove yourself and explain why your product is worth it. Why your product is different than all of the other ones being sold.

So if you’re selling eyelash serum, and someone asks “What’s in that stuff?” your best bet would be to respond with “You know what, I don’t know. I rub this on my eyelashes and I’m fired up!’ They’re going to say, “Give me some of that.” Because you told them what it does and how it made you feel. So they will want it too.

If you talk about what it does it will never get old.

But if you just focus on what your product is, people will likely go buy it somewhere else for cheaper, because they think it’s just a marketing ploy. Or they think it’s overpriced. Or whatever the case may be. So educating people on what your product does, how it can help them, and WHY they need it – will set you up for success.

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