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Managing and Motivating Your Team in Network Marketing

motivating your team

This is one of the least taught aspects in Network Marketing. Today, learn suggestions for managing and motivating your team.

In this post I share my biggest tip for managing as well as motivating your team.

Ever Seen a Super Stressed out Top Earner?

IF you have been around a BIG top earner in network marketing for any length of time, you will find that they just aren’t stressed out. They may have 200,000 people on their team but they just don’t stress. However, you can consistently run into people with teams of 4-20 that are stressed to the max, why is that?

If that sounds like you, it is solely because you have never been taught the proper way of managing and motivating your team.

It ISN’T about how a simple equation like Spending more time with new rep = success, it is slightly more complicated than that but once you learn how, you will realize that you too do NOT have to be stressed out with a small team. There is danger in allowing yourself to be stressed out, you just might start to sabotage your success and then everyone loses!

Video: My Tips on Managing and Motivating Your Team

Does that help? Can you see where this will greatly help your time with your team? And, for those of you yet to recruit someone, might this help you lead better and take the pressure off of you?

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