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Struggling to get more results in your Network Marketing Business?

Here’s 3 SIMPLE steps to increase your results in your business.

3 Steps To Making More Than $2,000 A Month In Network Marketing

Bad marketing is really hurting our profession. It really is.

And, we need to make a stand to not only teach the good marketing, but also help you become aware of what works and what doesn’t.

One of the greatest things about the profession, is that it’s low risk, low barrier to entry, low overhead.

However, a lot of times people come in and have never read a book on marketing. They’ve never read a book on social media, they’ve never read a book on sales, persuasion, psychology, presenting, any of that stuff. Which is great that you can start a business that way, but we want to help you.

Because nowadays, with social media, even the worst networker has access to hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of people. And so they’re causing more damage than they used to decades ago.

If you were a terrible networker in the what, 60s, 70s, you could only turn off so many people. Right? The five people in your village would be like, “Oh, there they come, they come again.” Well now even the worst networker can turn off hundreds if not thousands of people.

And so we have to really help this profession out by teaching proper marketing on social media and proper marketing period.

Invest In Yourself

It’s important to continue to invest in yourself.

Go to events, buy the books, learn and make it happen.

You have to continue to learn. You might hear it once, think you know it, but check your results.

If your results don’t show it, you need to go back and learn again.

Be All In, All The Time

What would that look like if you were all in, all the time?

If you think about that.. Maybe it would have you:

  • Prospect someone that you otherwise wouldn’t.
  • Step up and make that phone call that you weren’t really ready to do.
  • Do that Facebook Live that you’ve been dreading to do.

I’ll just, I’ll give you a spoiler alert, the first one’s going to suck. I’m just letting you know. It’s going to suck.

But it’ll get better. If you keep showing up and if you keep doing it, it will get better.

The size of your life is determined by the size of your commitments.

[mashtweet tweet=”The size of your life is determined by the size of your commitments.” quote=”The size of your life is determined by the size of your commitments.”]

Go Forth And Impact Others

You can’t become a top earner without impacting a lot of people.

Do you realize that? Even if you’re a jerk. Even if you’re someone that, “I’m just in it for the money.” And you don’t care about people. Do you realize you can’t get to the money without helping people. You can’t get to it.

In other professions, maybe. But not in network marketing. You can’t get to the money without impacting people and without helping people.

That’s a very important distinction around our profession. You can’t make lots of money in this deal, whether you want to or not, without helping people. That’s a very important distinction to have.

Did you find that helpful?

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