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How to Make Money When You’re Broke


If you truly want to know How to Make Money When You’re Broke, pay attention to this post.

Inside the short video I share the number one reason people stay broke and what to do about it if you want to change.

Two Steps on How to Make Money When You’re Broke

I will reveal the number one reason that I believe people stay broke in the below video but here are some other major factors:

1. Their language. If someone becomes accustomed to thinking and telling others how broke they are or how badly they are struggling financially, their vocabulary and thoughts are crafting their world and it has to remain true. You don’t see someone that talks all the time about how broke they are all of a sudden get a big financial win. The first step to learn how to make make money when you’re broke is to STOP telling yourself and others that you are broke.

2. Their environment. The average person just endures their life and does the same mundane crap day after day and really has no interest in those around them thinking bigger or making a big impact on the planet. They like to keep things small and within their comfort zone. IF you are like the average person and didn’t build your friends list with intention, chances are, you are surrounded by people that could care less about your success or financial goals. The second step to learn how to make money when you’re broke is to stop hanging around the same broke mindset friends.

Video: #1 Reason People Stay Broke

Inside the video I share that I was reaching out to old friends yesterday, one thing to keep in mind is it doesn’t mean a whole lot to me financially if someone joins my business or not. My wife and I have created a business that pays us plenty of money to have freeedom in our lives so I wasn’t really reaching out to people to “get a signup”, I was reaching out to people to see if I could help them enhance or possibly change their situation. It may not mean much to me financially if someone joins my team or not but it sure could mean a lot to them.

You can only help the people that are willing to help themselves. Feel free to share this with others to help give them a few steps toward getting out of their tough financial situation and also appreciate comments if you liked this post.

To Your Abundance!

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