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Do Only a Few Make Money in Network Marketing?

The other day someone asked me if only a few people make money in network marketing.

This video shares my answers to help you when you get this question.

How I responded Via Email

Just a heads up in regards to this question, Champions never look for what is probable, they shoot for what is possible.

Sometimes life can beat people down though and have them “be realistic” in their dreams and goals, champions just aren’t realistic, they swing for the home-run even though it’s statistically unlikely, they still swing anyway.

Someone emailed me this question:

” I wondered however about retention of anyone you would recruit since the income disclosure information indicated that very few people are making any money. “

Just curious, before I give you MY answer, how would YOU answer?

This was my response:

“In life, very few people make big money. Very few kids that play pop warner go on to get big NFL contracts. Very few actors ever make it. The difference is in network marketing, we have teammates that use and love the product and are happy as can be. They are happy which makes us happy. I have never been in a company with better retention but IF you are someone wanting to make money, whether it is with mine or another company, you want to look at what is possible vs probable and if you are coachable, we can show you how.”

Did that help?

The Truth about those that DO Make Money in Network Marketing

Most people treat their network marketing business like a hobby. They don’t go out of their comfort zone, they don’t prospect people on a daily basis and if they DO attend events, they never increase their action based on what they learn at events but they DO feel good and have a good time. It is ALWAYS possible for them to make money in network marketing, they just have to do the work but no one is beating down their door or making them punch a clock to do that work, to make money in network marketing you have to CHOOSE to do the work.

People that say it’s a scam BECAUSE few people make money in network marketing is just like saying pop warner is a scam or acting school is a scam as I am willing to bet that even fewer pop warner athletes or budding actors or actresses ever go onto make money. Do you know why people DON’T call those things a scam? Because they are constantly reminded of people making money in those professions. Well, the same thing is true IF you attend your company events. This past weekend I hung out with over a dozen network marketers making over a million a year, this allows me to see what’s possible.

IF you want to become a huge success in ANYTHING, you have to be willing to look beyond what is PROBABLE and instead look at what is POSSIBLE and do the work to get there, this video should also help.

Was that helpful? Never again struggle with that objection and don’t let yourself think small and focus on what is probable. YOU can create your dream life and an incredible business by focusing your efforts on what is possible. Feel free to share this with any teammate that may struggle with this as it just might help them!

To Your Abundance!

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