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How to Make More Money From Home


Today I share with you the absolute key on how to make money from home.

Those who read this short article will be better equipped to know exactly how to make more money from home.

Last Night’s Speaking Event

This post was inspired from an event I spoke at last night. This year, I think for the fifth year in a row, my wife and I were the number one individual fundraisers in Southwest Florida for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (thanks to MANY of YOU). They announced that we have raised over $35,000 for them in the last few years (again, thanks to many of YOU).

It was super humbling to have people come up to me and thank me for my efforts and one young woman Sam came up to me and said she had a wheelchair because of what we did, powerful and so awesome.

There was a guy there that coordinated a Firefighter fundraiser and his efforts have his district number one in the state, when I asked him why he thought they did so well this year, he said “Because I got more firefighters and chiefs to participate”, more on this point later.

The firefighters do “boot drives” where they hang out at busy intersections and pass around their firefighter boots to collect donations. Now, let’s start drawing the comparison and tie this into your business…

How to Make More Money From Home

So, if you noticed it was NOT due to some amazing training or because of some incredible economy that the firefighters kicked butt in making money this year, it was ONE thing…eyeballs on the offer.

More “boots” on the streets meant more people were seeing the offer to donate and so more did. Now, do you think that the firefighters tried to close every car? Did they take the time to ask what was wrong with the people in the cars if they didn’t donate? Or did they just move onto the next set of eyeballs to make their offer? They spent ZERO time with those who were not interested in the opportunity of donating and simply went for sheer number of eyeballs on the “offer”. No firefighter went home at night beating themselves up on the blue Prius that didn’t donate or the black Suburban with Arizona license plates that didn’t donate, they were just eyeballs on the offer that didn’t convert.

What if you did that?

What if you just focused on getting as many eyeballs on YOUR offer as possible. Now this blog post is NOT going to go in depth on what type of offer to be offering, it is simply going to help you sell whatever it is that you WANT to sell.

MDA SWFLTwo Methods of Eyeball Gathering

IF you have been following any of my training over the last few years, you know that I segment business into two main categories, 1) Active prospecting and 2) passive marketing. Active prospecting means reaching out to an individual to collect a decision and passive marketing means taking an action you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to.

My wife and I do both. We prospect people as well as we average between 3,000- 4,000 leads per month from this blog alone. There are a few distinctions that I like to make in regards to these two categories:

– Active prospecting can be done by anyone with any level of knowledge. If you simply feel you don’t have enough people to talk to, feel free to enter your name and email at the top of this webpage to receive my 29 sources of leads on audio (for free)

– Passive marketing is more complex for most. Most people have NOT studied marketing so they naturally are not very good marketers and they badly need good training (more on that later).

Now, let’s dive into How to Make More Money From Home

IF your focus is to build a network marketing business, all you have to do is get a lot of people doing a little bit without beating themselves up on those that refuse the offer. (just like the firefighters). Now, the trick to this is YOU TOO have to be immune from the results and recognize that your current teammates may not have the same level of commitment and indifference toward negative responses as those firefighters, in that case you are going to have to…recruit more people. YOU have to become that bullet-proof firefighter that is simply getting eyeballs on the offer and not caring about the negative responses. (easier said than done right?)


If you truly want to know how to make more money from home, no matter what your opportunity is, you have to embrace the fact that more people have to see your offer. It is pretty straight forward when it comes to active prospecting, it’s simply REACH OUT TO MORE PEOPLE, you can learn to prospect people on Facebook, hit your warm market, learn Cold market prospecting, etc.

You can also get more eyeballs on your offer, thereby leading to more signups and sales if you learn the art of branding yourself to get people reaching out to you. My wife and I learned to brand ourselves and that is what gets us so many leads each month, however, a word of warning…IF you go down the route of learning to brand yourself, just make sure you continue your active prospecting so that you can continue to get eyeballs on your offer. Too often people see branding themselves as a smart way to get prospects and they stop prospecting of which I believe this is a mistake.

Now, this sentence is for those that HAVE learned to brand themselves…your income is DICTATED by the size of your list. Constantly and continuously BUILD YOUR LIST. For those that don’t know what I am referring to, a “list” in this context is a collection of people’s email addresses that have ASKED to receive communication from you. Too often I see marketers get to a certain income level and then they stop the relentless drive to continue building that list, to continue building it is exactly how you make more money from home.

So, to wrap up, here are some detailed instructions for you.

1. IF you are NOT generating any leads and you do not have a list.
a) Prospect daily and get more eyeballs on your offer.
b) Stop beating yourself up over those that say no.
b) Consider learning marketing, my coaching client Tanya actually has an incredible course that is on sale right now until Monday (see it here)

2. IF you are generating leads and you have a list
a) Build better relationships with that list by giving them more value such as blog posts or podcasts
b) Stay aggressive with building that list even more, recognize that if you double your list size, you can also double your income with that simple action.

Was this helpful? Please comment below if you feel this helped you learned how to make more money from home and are eager for me to write part 2.

Hope you got a lot of value out of this post!

To Your Abundance!

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