Have you been wondering how to work from home and make money? There are many things you can do at home, but there are some things you need to consider first to start generating income! Watch this video to learn more about working from home!

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Would you like to know how to work from home and make money? Well, my name is Ray Higdon and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that. It’s something I’ve been doing for well over 12 years now and I’ve made millions and millions of dollars and I want to show you how.

It has been 16 years of me working from home. I know what it takes to succeed, we built an INC 5000 company, we’ve generated tens of millions of dollars and I also know what’s going to get in your way so let me share those things with you.

So, first I’m going to share with you the biggest obstacle you are going to run into by working from home.

Next, I’m going to share with you the fundamentals that you need to know if you’re going to make money from home and lastly, I’m going to share with you my biggest suggestion if you’re new and you’re not sure about the best idea on making money from home, I’m going to share with you what to do in that scenario.

So, what is this biggest obstacle? To be honest, it’s you. It’s you staying self-motivated, it’s you doing the work when you don’t feel like it. No one’s looking over your shoulder, no one’s having you punch a clock, no one’s asking you like at a typical job. Hey, did you do that yet?

It’s you, man. You’re working by yourself and you’re working with no supervision, you can do as little work as you want or as much as work you want and most people, they default to finding distractions so they will make a sandwich, they’ll clean the garage, they’ll do laundry, they’ll do anything but the work they know they need to do so you are going to be an obstacle and unlike your job, there’s no like you know birthday parties for Peggy and accounting, there’s no accolades, there’s no employee of the month like you know I’m trying to paint this picture for you very realistically because I went from working a pretty high salary job at an insurance company to working at home.

It was a very different scenario, right?

You know I didn’t- I wasn’t- no one was telling me if you know hey, did you do that or hey, you need to redo this like I had to be self-motivated and so do you.

One of the keys to improve your motivation is to know why you’re doing this. Why is it important for you to work from home and make money from home? Why is that a big concept?

Is it that you want to spend more time with the kids? Is it that you you know no longer like the commute? Is it that you want to spend more time with you know your loved one, whatever?

You need to really define what is it that’s important about you working from home and making money because, without that, you’re probably not going to be very consistent.

So what are these fundamentals that you need to know? Well, what are you selling? Why should someone buy it? What problem does it solve? What value does it add?

What convenience does it create? What desire does it help to attain and based on those answers, that’s going to tell you what you need to be creating online. What do you need to be doing because you’re going to be using social media, you’re going to be using the internet, how should you be operating through that?

So you have to know what is the solution that you’re selling, whatever it is. Whether it’s consulting, whether it’s physical product that you’re getting made or it’s a cookies, what is it that you’re selling, why should someone buy it?

What type of person would want to buy it and enter into that realm of knowing your perfect person, knowing that person that you’re wanting to sell your product or service to.

I can tell you my main source of customers is their network marketers. I know them inside and out, I know them upside and down. I know their hang-ups, I know their belief patterns, I just know them inside and out.

I know the frustrations of someone at a million dollars a year but they’re not moving and I know frustrations of people who’ve been at it 10 years and not making any money.

So I know where they struggle because I really dove into understanding my prospect. Now, you may understand your product or your service but do you really understand who buys that product or service?

Do you really understand who uses it or who should use it? Now, maybe you’re wanting to work from home and make money from home and you don’t have that great idea, you don’t have anything you could take on Shark Tank, you don’t have any invention, you don’t have any kind of service that you know is miraculous or whatever and I’ve seen some amazing ones by the way.

I remember you know with my wife, both of our kids we went to a baby spinning class, right, and that sounds strange but it was a doula, right, who’s kind of like a midwife but it was a doula that taught proper practices that you can do as a pregnant woman and proper practices that the husband can do to help the pregnant woman.

And so she taught me these hip exercises, she taught me how to you know shimmy the bowling ball.

I mean, sorry but that’s kind of that’s what I called it at least. And so she showed me how to you know help position the baby, help spin the baby so it’s in the perfect you know position for delivery and she did that all from home.

It was really cool like we would go to her house and there was a group of us and she charged by couple and so there’s a lot of ideas out there but, maybe you don’t have any of those.

Well, make sure you stick around because in my last point I’m actually going to be sharing with you what I would do if you fall into that category.

I meet people all the time that they’re like man I wish I could work from home and I’m like do you have a great idea and they’re like not really and so I actually have a solution for you that I think will really help you so make sure you stick around.

So I’d love to hear from you. Where are you in this journey? Are you just starting to research, making money from home, have you been at it a while, do you have a great idea, are you struggling with that?

Where are you in your journey and I read every single comment, I respond to every single comment so I’d love to hear from you and heck, maybe you have a great story that we would love to share with people. Maybe you get an interview out of this, who knows?

But I’d love to hear your story, drop it in the comments and I will read and react to them. So what do I suggest if you don’t have that great idea, you don’t have that Shark Tank concept, you don’t have that new invention or new innovation?

My suggestion is network marketing. You know I don’t know what you know about network marketing but network marketing, how I define it it’s the lowest risk, lowest overhead way for the average ordinary person to start a business. Now, I happen to have started a lot of different businesses.

I had a real estate business, I had an advertising franchise, I had a title business you know, I have my you know coaching and training business and I’ve also been a network marketer.

I actually was the number one income earner of a network marketing company. I know a lot of different things about different types of businesses and here’s what I know.

Network marketing is the lowest risk, lowest overhead way, one, for you to create residual income. You don’t have to have the great idea, the great invention, the great innovation, the amazing Brazilian berry.

You don’t have to have the Himalayan type salt or whatever, right? You don’t have to have any of that stuff, you don’t have to know supply chain management, currency conversion, you know crossing state lines, shipping rules, you don’t have to know any of that stuff, patents, copy mark, copyrights, trademarks.

All you have to do is ask other human beings if they’re open to take a look at what you got.

And so this will help you to build your skills. Now, maybe network marketing isn’t the end game for you.

So, maybe you get into network marketing, you learn marketing, promotion, leadership, mindset, you know how to be successful entrepreneur and you end up launching your own thing.

Cool, whatever, but I’m telling you the skills that you learn inside of network marketing at such an affordable cost is very powerful.

I know a lot of people that started network marketing, went on to grow amazing businesses.

You know this is something that if you struggle with what to sell, network marketing solves that for you. If you struggle with what’s that big idea, network marketing solves that for you and you have an unlimited possibility of making money. I have one client right now, they have 750,000 people in their organization.

They’ve been making a quarter-million dollars a month for 14 years. Crazy.

And keep in mind they don’t pay for the commercial overhead, they don’t pay for the big headquarters, they don’t pay for the you know conveyor belts that are shipping the stuff, they just get some of the product every month.

And so they get to reap the rewards of all of that investment that the company has put in and they get compensated very nicely. Now, that doesn’t mean that it was easy, right? They had to do the work.

I mean he, in particular, built a lot in Asia and he built you know all over the world, he has Spanish teams, he has Asian teams but this is something that he didn’t have to have a big idea, he didn’t have to have a big invention.

He simply followed the system and learned it, loved it, made it happen and he’s been very, very wealthy individual for quite a few years, that’s what’s possible and again, this is something that you know doesn’t mean that you are a network marketer for the rest of your life, maybe you learn over there and you decide it’s not for you but at least you learned.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Ray Higdon

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