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How to Get Exposure – Long Term Career Goals

Long Term Career Goals

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This morning I did a coaching call for one of my teammates and we were talking about the industry and how and why certain speakers and trainers got exposure and others did not. I told him that in my opinion there were two major elements to not only gaining but retaining exposure in the network marketing community that leaders should always keep in mind. Keep reading to learn the two and always consider your actions with these two criteria and you will be just fine!

Warning: This is a Leader Post, Not Technical or Tactical but speaking to the leader within you!

The 3 R’s of How to Get Exposure, Long Term

There are two main elements and one element slightly underneath the main two that will keep people asking you on interviews, webinars, speaking events and to be a trainer. The two main ones are reputation and relationships and the third is results.

How to Keep Your Reputation

The way to keep a good reputation is to keep your word, be congruent and never over-promise, even in your marketing. Your reputation is so much more important than making a quick buck. Cherish your reputation, your promises personally and in your own marketing and always look at the impact of your actions on your team and others.

Relationships..You can’t Become Successful Without Them

I just finished a great book by John Maxwell on leadership and in one of the final chapters he said that if you become successful it will be due to a lot of people WANTING you to have success. Boy, isn’t that the case! You cannot become a leader or have success without developing relationships with others. In real estate just as with this industry I constantly saw very talented people make the mistake of underestimating the importance of caring and taking care of people and they had to work a lot harder and typically never got the respect that their talent should have warranted. Focus on what you can do for others and how you can possibly help them. My best boss I ever had was a lady named Maggie and she taught me that if you want something done you have to be willing to let someone else take the credit. This lends to the power of relationships and their impact on your success. I highly suggest getting the updated How to win friends and influence people in a digital age, very good stuff in here about relationship building.

Long Term MLM Success

Brian Fanale and I in Cancun

And Lastly, Your MLM Results

Your reputation and relationships will carry you really, really far but combining those two with results will take you wherever you want to go. Notice that results was not the first part of the equation. Lots of people that get great results that fail in the first two categories that struggle to get the type of exposure they really want.

As you become more successful, never forget the companies, resources and most importantly, people, that helped you get there. Network Marketing, it seems to me, has a lot of people that achieve a certain level of success and then forget who helped get them there. Don’t ever buy into how bigtime people say you are, stay grounded and humble, take care of and care about people and you will build an absolute legacy.

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