List Building & Email Marketing Best Practices


List building is critical for anyone that is marketing pretty much anything, however, how you handle that list is just as important.

This short video will share email marketing best practices so you serve your list and have them want to stay on.

What the Heck is List Building?

List building is growing your leads and getting people to trade their information (name, email) for some sort of giveaway usually.

For example, on the right hand side of this blog post is an offer to download my free audio called 29 sources of leads. When you enter your info over there, you are added to my list, getting people to do that over and over is the art of list building. More on this at a later date but for now let’s focus on email marketing best practices when it comes to managing that list of people.

Why MOST Marketers Get This Wrong

Have you ever gotten on an email list of someone’s and every single email is written in this weird sales language and is trying to get you to buy something every single day?

Unfortunately many marketers still treat their list like total strangers instead of building a relationship with them. You build relationships with them by offering them value. The below video goes more in-depth on how to do this.

Video: Email Marketing Best Practices

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