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Lifestyle Baby: Our Trip to Puerto Rico!

We just got back from our trip to Puerto Rico and wanna share our experiences and video with you. The video is packed with ziplining (highest in the world), snorkeling, water park, waterfalls, rain forest, go karts and more! Check it out

Why a Trip to Puerto Rico?

Each Christmas and each summer we pick a family vacation spot and we chose this trip to Puerto Rico as we found a great resort, very kid friendly and I've always wanted to spend more time in this amazing place.

A little Info Before the Video

The zip lining is from Tora Verde and they boast the highest ziplines in the world. We had a blast even though our rental car would not start afterwards and it was quite an experience to get back to the hotel. Was still worth it and would highly suggest anyone check it out. The resort is the El Conquistador, it is about an hour from the airport in San Juan. Pretty inexpensive place to stay but almost everything at the resort is pricey. Would stay there again though. The interesting part was the funicular which we improperly called a gondola for the first part of the vacation. You could NOT travel from the Marina to the lobby without it, interesting lol.

Video: Our Trip to Puerto Rico!

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