when life sucksFor MOST of us there are times in our life when it things can suck.

Here’s what to do when life enters suckville so you don’t stay there too long.

First Things First…

My life is now awesome but it wasn’t always that way.

Today I fly out to San Antonio to the Inc 5000 event where our coaching and training company is being recognized as being one of the fastest growing companies in America (529% growth in the last three years)

My daughter just turned one and is the most beautiful little girl on the planet.

My two sons are incredible with the oldest now getting his engineering degree from Florida State University (go Noles!)

My Indianapolis Colts…Well, OK, they suck this year.

My wife is mega-hot but also funny and caring.

My corporate team is better than it has ever been and we have the best group of people that really care about making a difference.

AND, I am at a weight that is lower than my senior year in high school.

Things are GREAT but again, they weren’t always…

Dead Broke, Chased by Bill Collectors and in Foreclosure

A few years ago I had lost every dime I had ever made, was being chased by bill-collectors and was in personal foreclosure. My real estate business had failed. I had failed at trying to start a small business consulting business and I had even failed in quite a few different network marketing companies.

I was using my credit cards almost every night to drink my sorrows away and pretend like my life wasn’t in shambles.

Life sucked.

The first step for me to get out of that mess I had created was to change my focus.

IF you feel like your life is sucking right now, you MUST change your focus and instead of focusing on ALL the evidence around you that PROVES that your life sucks, you have to focus on where you actually want to go.

When I stopped focusing on my lack of money, crappy situation, how awesome I USED to be and ALL of my (at the time) current circumstances and obstacles and started actually focusing on what I wanted, my habits started to change.

You see, IF you focus on all the things wrong, you will take notice of all the evidence you have acquired on how much things suck and you will be unable to take any form of action to actually improve your life. At any point, in any struggle, you CAN start to change your focus to be one of what you actually want in your life and here is one thing I realized along that journey.

Anger is better than depression.

I remember one day looking at my measly bank account with a few hundred dollars in it and thinking to myself that I wasn’t that bank account and I actually got pissed off that I had let my life get in this bad of shape.

There is a word you need to embrace IF you actually want to do something about your life. IF you get more of a payoff by complaining and moaning about your situation then you may need to stay in suckville a little longer to get whatever lesson you are requiring but if you ARE ready to change your life, here’s the word you need to embrace.

The word is DESPITE.

Got no money?
Go do what you can with what you have DESPITE.

Had a crappy childhood? (like me)
Go do what you can with what you have DESPITE.

Confused on the right steps to take?
Go do what you can with what you have DESPITE.

Have no support from family or friends?
Go do what you can with what you have DESPITE.

Don’t understand or get easily confused with technology?
Go do what you can with what you have DESPITE.

Have a terrible medical condition that everyone around you agrees you are helpless?
Go do what you can with what you have DESPITE.

In every single one of these situations, here is the perhaps unfortunate truth…Someone in worse shape than you, went out and created success despite.


If you found yourself saying “Yeah, but” or “Easy for you to say”, or any other justifying comment, just know two things:

  1. Justifying where you are, keeps you where you are.
  2. Telling it like it is, keeps it like it is.

You MUST change your focus if you are ever to escape the prison of suckville. You can do it, we believe in you.

Well Ray, what do I actually DO?

If someone was in your situation, what actions would YOU tell them to do?

The funny thing I have noticed is people that use the excuse of “I don’t know what to do” always have perfect advice for others so just ask yourself, if you ran into you, what would you tell them to do?

Maybe you are in an opportunity or side business and just need to talk to people (here are 29 sources of leads) and here is even how to approach them (cold market training).

Again, focus on what you CAN do where you are RIGHT NOW and you will amaze yourself.

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