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Learn How to Earn Money
From These Two Questions

Are you working hard but still can’t quite figure out how to earn money online or offline? This post is very to to the point on how to make it happen

How to Earn Money Simplified

Do you want to know how to get people  you do and don’t know to pull out their credit cards and buy your products or services? If you DON’T know how to do just that, it means you are simply not understanding the basics of how to earn money.

Consistently making money is NOT by chance, it’s by design.

It is NOT looking for something that “works”, it is understanding WHY you SHOULD be earning money. The key word when it comes to ways to earn money is…VALUE. VALUE is the key for you to focus like a laser to DICTATE money coming to you. But, let’s not make any assumptions here, let’s define value…

Value is the Key to Earn Money on Internet or Anywhere

So, the question turns from “How to Earn Money” to “How to provide value”. THIS is the better question to ask as money is just an indicator to the value you have been providing. Not making any money? Then you probably have not been providing much value either and the world is working according to it’s design. This is good news, not bad, because YOU can decide to create more value so as to earn more money.

Value is solving the problems of others. Value is teaching and training others how to overcome obstacles or problems in their life while in accordance with their goals. Value is providing people with what they want whether it be a trinket, snuggie, reality TV show or an article on ways to earn money.

So now you might be wondering, OK, who’s problems do I solve? How do I solve them and turn that into profit?

The cool thing is, whoever you want. Whoever YOU want. Who do you WANT to work with? This is step one. Pick the type of person you WANT to work with and provide value to and then decide what problems they have that you can help with. You can do this by information marketing (which is what I do) or by inventing trinkets or products. When the type of people you want to work with see that you are helping them in some way, you will get their attention and as you provide more value to them, they will want more from you. There are two resources I used to learn these concepts mainly (of course there have been other resources but two main ones)

1. Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged

2. Magnetic Sponsoring (most marketers I know have bought this, if you have bought it already, I suggest re-reading it if you are not making money)

How to Know What You SHOULD Be Earning

Here are the two questions you can ask yourself as a network marketer. The answers will dictate how much money you should be making in this industry.

1. How many people did you provide value to last week? (Essentially who did you help?)

2. How many people did you get to watch a presentation last week? Most good company presentations do a good job of displaying benefits and if you had no interest in becoming an actual marketer, simply having people watch your company presentation, live or online, would get you earning money. You will earn a lot more if you know WHY they are watching of course.

So, the real question is, Who Are You Going to Help Today?

To Your Abundance!

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