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Leadership Tip: Become a King and Queen Maker

leadership tip

Today is a simple leadership tip that once learned, changes the way you approach your business and life.

Watch this short video for a tweak to how to think to create a super successful life!

Austin Rocks!

The picture to the right is me speaking in Austin at MLSP’s Live the Dream. It was a BLAST and was super cool to see many of my good friends and coaching clients, especially seeing so many of them succeeding with their marketing. If you haven’t had the chance to get to Austin, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Leadership Tip

There is a way of being when it comes to how you treat your teammates and coaching clients. You can simply support them by answering their questions and helping them OR you can start to teach them and train them to become BIGGER. Instead of simply supporting them, teach them to be a teacher and trainer. You see, the person presenting from stage at any event is typically the one making the most money and usually also having the most fun with the biggest lifestyle. IF you start to help your people become a trainer/teacher, the simply energy shift CAN make a big difference to THEIR thinking. The below video goes into more detail on this leadership tip, check it out…

Video on Becoming a King and Queen Maker

Now, just to clarify, I didn’t actually “Make” ANY of those amazing people I mention in the video above, the point I am wanting you to get is to learn this leadership tip to think in that way and it changes how YOU treat them and how they think about themselves. Hope you got benefit from this video and like I mentioned in the video, there are only two days left for Top Earner Success School enrollment, hope to see you in there and rocking the last quarter of the year!

To Your Abundance!

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