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Larry Thompson and
the Millionaire Mindset

Larry Thompson is known as the millionaire creator in Network Marketing. He is believed to have helped more people become millionaires in this industry than anyone else. We just spent an entire day with him in Dallas, Texas, check out my notes from this powerful training.

Who is Larry Thompson?

Larry Thompson has been a trainer in Network Marketing spanning four decades. He used to travel the world with Jim Rohn and he helped Mark Hughes build Herbalife into a billion dollar company. He also trained Jeff Roberti (who has now made over $70 million in this industry) along with a whole bunch of other folks that have gone on to become millionaires.

My Association with Larry

One of the things I love about the owners of my primary company is they constantly look to help the reps as much as possible. They hired Larry Thompson as a trainer for the company and we get to spend time with him every few months. Him and his wife, Taylor Thompson, are two of the best trainers I have EVER seen. Their depth of experience is not just “old-school” training, they actually teach the concepts and principles of what builds huge teams.

Notes from his Millionaire Mindset Training

To develop a millionaire mindset, you have to grasp hold of a few truths. Here are some truths:
1. The circumstances you have are the best you got. Stop wishing for things to be better and just grasp that what you got is the best you got and now go make it work.
2. Everyone was dealt a different deck of cards and continue to draw from that deck. Those cards are the best you got. Others may have been dealt a better or worse hand but that is the best THEY got.
3. This is a big one. Larry Thompson finally said it, pay attention here: “Your why will never get you through the speed bumps, you have to understand WHY your daily mode of operation will work.” Said another way, choose who you want to BE and THEN your daily routine will just make sense to complete every day. If it was just about your why, wouldn’t you have had success already? Didn’t you have the same why in those other companies, opportunities, etc?

More Millionaire Notes

If you help someone make an additional $1,000 a month, that is the difference between daycare and momcare. It’s the difference between downsizing and keeping that vehicle.

You CAN NOT learn this business from just books and CD’s, you can ONLY learn in action. Tell, Show, Try, Do.

The ONLY way you can get paid is to collect a yes or a no.

When we go through a lack of results, we justify with excuses. It always comes down to your daily method of operation.

Video Notes From the Training

Inside this video you will learn:

– How to create your metrics for your daily method of operation

– What Babe Ruth has to do with your MLM prospecting

– What you actually get paid for

– And the 7 step process for working with your team

– And much more!

Watch the Video Here:


Also in that video, I share the NUMBER ONE PHRASE that PREVENTS people from becoming Millionaires in Network Marketing, Make sure you watch it!

To Your Abundance!

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