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Knowing Your Why Isn’t Enough


Yesterday I did a coaching call for one of our clients and talked about knowing your why.

Even though it is super popular to teach, knowing your why ISN’T enough to get you to success.

Ya Gotta Have a “Why That Makes Ya Cry”…

For those that may be new to the Network Marketing game, we are constantly told to find out our why, which means our big emotional reason why we are doing this business. First of all this post is most certainly not bashing anyone’s why, this is aimed at actually helping people transform their lives which I do not believe knowing your why typically accomplishes.

Many people I have met in Network Marketing have had the same why for years yet they haven’t actually changed their situation. Here’s the reason why I think knowing your why takes a backseat to knowing something else that I will share here in a moment.

Your Why is Commercially Digestible and External

Yes, in almost all cases the why that someone shares is the reason why they are focused on creating success in network marketing is commercially digestible and external. When something is commercially digestible everyone they tell will give them kudos and accolades for having such an awesome why. THAT is actually part of the problem. I believe most people accept this external praise as their payoff and it’s good enough vs going out and attaining the real thing, the manifestation of their actual why.

Here’s a easy test that I have ran that might help you. When someone tells me their why is something like say “I wanna retire my spouse”, I will immediately ask them what they will do on Tuesday afternoons when their spouse is not working. They usually reply with a blank face because they have never actually seen in their mind the attainment of their why…and that is exactly why simply knowing your why is not enough.

Instead of Knowing Your Why, Know Your Who

In our very first session of Top Earner Success School every year we teach in module one how to create your vision. Your vision consists of WHO you want to become. What type of person are you wanting to be known as. The vision of who you want to become will consist of your different why’s but it is more intimate and internal. If your why is spending more time with your kids, instead of telling people you are working this business so that you can spend more time with your kids you will tell yourself that you want to become the type of person that will be able to spend more time with the kids. It may seem a small distinction but it has massive impact.

Paint the picture of the exact life you want and who you will be in that life, then, get to work to become that person. You will find yourself more consistent and more fired up to do the work you know you have needed to do all along.

Hope this helps you in your journey, feel free to share this with friends or teammates and comment if you got value from this mindset post!

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