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KILLER Tip My Girlfriend Shared To Locate
Perfect Business Opportunity Leads

"business opportunity leads"It’s funny. I constantly search for the very best marketing tips to locate and target business opportunity leads. If you are serious about growing your homebased business you know you HAVE to learn how to get more leads but you also don’t want to break the bank buying crappy leads. This 1 killer tip tells you exactly how to target the perfect type of business opportunity seekers…and…for absolutely free!

Seo, Blogging, PPC, LMNOP?

So what platform did my girlfriend talk about that has helped her sign up 3 people in the last 3 days that she did not know? Was it article spinning? Was it her killer blog (you can see hers here)? Was it split testing PPC campaigns? Was it keyword targeting for search engine optimization? No, much, much simpler. Her tip is so gosh darn simple that frankly, with all the training I do, I am embarrassed I did not think of it! Her magical formula for enrolling 4-8 new reps that she DID NOT KNOW and FOR NO COST involves Facebook, but, she uses a tactic that I had never thought of for locating solid opportunity seekers…

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity, When it comes to Business Opportunity Leads

Most people teach to look at someone’s Facebook account and see if you have anything in common with them. That is NOT bad advice but, what is actually more important is HOW they interact on Facebook. If you take the time to study how a person interacts on Facebook, you can tell roughly what type of person they are. One great guy to follow on Facebook is a guy that gives a lot of value named Troy Dooly. I routinely look at his feedback on different companies and appreciate what he does for the industry. I wanted to give you some examples of how studying facebook interaction can help you know if someone is worth prospecting or not. This tip may save you an incredible amount of time in pursuit of building your homebased business. Take the time to specifically check out the COMMENTS that people leave on other people’s facebook.

Let me give you some examples (I won’t reveal names as some of these are quite embarrassing)

$100,000 incomes only 3 months in with our new company ,,,, its an untouchable network to be in ,,, TODAYS ECONOMY WE LEAD THE WAY”

JOIN OUR WINNING TEAM NOW 100K A MONTH TOP EARNER , 3 MONTHS IN If your a Network Marketer and you want to be on top off this newly established Company that is storming throughout the world then pm for more details”

advantages ,,free product ,, click revenue for life ,, affiliate revenue for life ,, company branding ,, super binary compensation plan ,, our company is untouchable ,,, we,re going nowhere only moving forward fast ,, did you see our alexa ranking upto any other company”

“I am personally earning $5000 per month on just click revenue”

(by the way, the above 4 were made by the same person, in case you did not know, you CANNOT state how much income you are making publicly like this when in MLM)

Become a Professional Filter To Pick the Right People for Your Homebased Business

If someone is being a loudmouth on Facebook, I personally would not try to prospect them. Loudmouths and masters of hype are annoying to work with and have to supplement talent with, well, B.S. (Baloney Sandwiches). I actually have never seen someone who operated on hype deliver on what they boasted about. Taking the time to study comments will allow you to save time by not wasting time on these types.

So, Who Should You Target?

People you would actually want to work with. People who leave uplifting, non-boastful, intelligent comments. There are a couple reasons you want to take the time to read comments:

  1. It shows they actually interact on Facebook, that is important.
  2. It allows you to see if it is a personality you would like to work with. Always think the best case scenario, would you want to travel on free vacations with this person?

Facebook is a great place to locate opportunity seekers, if you do your homework

If you are serious about growing your homebased business, take the time to study and target and you will reap the rewards. Big thanks to my girlfriend for sharing this tip with me and now with you. Feel free to share this with your team to boost their facebook prospecting results!

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To Your Abundance!

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