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Kevin Harrington and the Book of the Week


You may know Kevin Harrington from his appearances on the ABC hit show the Shark Tank but today we talk about his amazing book, Act Now: How I turn Ideas into Million Dollar products.

Watch this short video to learn what I got out of his book and what you can too!

Come Meet Kevin Harrington!

We are super excited to have Kevin Harrington speaking at our annual event this year. If you would like to meet and get your picture with Kevin, check out our event in June in Orlando, Top Earner Academy.

Why You Might Get His Book

The biggest reason we have this as our book of the week is it is downright inspiring. The other reason is he shares some pretty powerful tactics on business relationships, selling and scaling a business. Besides being known for being on the Shark Tank Kevin Harrington has generated over $4 billion in revenues from different products with over 20 different products generating over $100 million in revenues each!

The neat thing is he did all of this without ever actually inventing anything himself and in the book he seriously dives deep on how he did it. The book is super detailed on how he created his empire and whether you want to be in infomercials (Kevin created the very first 30 minute infomercial and is known as the king of infomercials), if you are an entrepreneur, you can definitely benefit from his book.

Video: Takeaways from Kevin’s book

You can get your copy here and if you have read it already or plan on reading it, comment below! If you have seen him on Shark Tank and dig his style (like I do), leave a comment below as he will most likely read this post!

To Your Abundance!

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