Keep Your Inner Fire Burning

How do you keep your inner fire burning? How do you keep the excitement going in your business? Today Ray answers the question of how to get back on track and find the motivation to grow your business bigger and better.

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keep your inner fire burning

Laser Coaching With Jamie Kanner

Ray Higdon: I am doing another laser coaching session with one of our rank maker live ticket holders. I’m super excited about our guest. Last night, I posted in the rank maker live ticket holder group. I said, “Hey, who would like to get some one-onone coaching?” And quite a few people responded. And I liked this person’s question. So I wanted to dive into it. Jamie, how are you?

Jamie Kanner: I’m so great, Ray. Thanks for having me.

Ray Higdon: She had her yoga lesson in today, so she’s feeling quite Zen. It’s going to be amazing. And so tell us, how did you get into network marketing? So that’s question one, let’s stick there. How’d you get into network marketing.

Jamie Kanner: Okay. Before I answer your question, I just want to say rank makers live is life changing. I was there last year, the year before. And the part that’s so special is that you have so many different, amazing speakers. So if one person is not like, oh, for you, five more are going to be. Literally you over-deliver, you know that saying under promise and over deliver? You and Jess just pour into everyone and over deliver and it’s just an amazing experience. So I want to say thank you.

Ray Higdon: Thank you. That’s that’s kind, that’s so awesome. I appreciate it.

Jamie Kanner: Yes. It’s true though. So the way I got into network marketing was, I was working in corporate America. I was married. I had a baby and I was like, there’s got to be another way. I’m a hard worker and I need to make money for myself. I’d never really known very much about the industry, but I jumped in and was like, zoom. I was like, how fast can I match my corporate income and get home with my baby? Because I hated leaving her. And that was 29 years ago and four children. So I was able to raise all of my children and be home and earn a substantial income for years and years and years.

Ray Higdon: Wow.

Jamie Kanner: And grow.

Ray Higdon: That’s amazing.

Jamie Kanner: Yeah.

Ray Higdon: I’m curious, was it a friend who introduced you? Or how did you find out about it?

Jamie Kanner: This is so funny because no, it was not a friend. Some girl put an ad in a paper and I was the only one that answered. And so, the bad news for that was I thought that’s how you built a business. That’s where I really struggled with how to, in the beginning, catch fire because I thought, well, that’s what you do since that’s how I came in. So I had a huge learning curve, but I was just undeterred. I was like, I’m getting home no matter what it takes.

Ray Higdon: Nice. That’s so amazing. That’s so cool. That’s really cool. And so your question was … Because you’ve been in the same company this whole time, 29 years. That’s impressive.

Jamie Kanner: The same company, yes, for 29 years. I started network marketing when there was horse and carriage, when there was no internet.

Ray Higdon: All the brochures were black and white. That’s awesome.

Jamie Kanner: We would have to call and say, “Did Mary order?” That was the only way we knew how much was in … How to promote, okay? We had to call, we had fax rolls coming in. It was the Wild West.

Ray Higdon: Nice. So what was the question, because I don’t want to mess it up, what was the question you asked last night?

Jamie Kanner: Okay. So my question was, so after 29 years of being in the same company and growing and doing the same thing, how do you keep that fire going? How do you keep that excitement? Because I’m long past the place of, do you need some extra money? Even though that’s where I was. I wanted to match my corporate income and get out of Dodge.

Ray Higdon: Sure.

Jamie Kanner: I’m so far away removed from that, that I sometimes think people can’t necessarily relate to me because they’re like, oh, you’ve always been like that, successful.

Ray Higdon: Got you. And so, it’s safe to say you’ve been financially free for the most part for a while.

Jamie Kanner: Yes. I was married for a long time and we’re financially solid, but I know I came for a bigger purpose. I know I came to touch a lot more lives and I’m feeling like this. My business is like this, and I’m like this.

Ray Higdon: Yeah.

Jamie Kanner: For four years now, same place. Exact same income, everything same-same.

Ray Higdon: Yeah. So I’ll share a quick story with you and then let’s see if we can help you here. So a friend of mine, a gentleman named Russell Bronson, he co-founded ClickFunnels, he’s one of the smartest marketers that I know. Feel free to tag him if someone here is friends with them. I just spent some time with him maybe a month ago or something like that. And he had a really, really big offer for someone to buy his company, like a really insane, unbelievable number that someone offered him to purchase ClickFunnels from him. And he asked, because he’s close friends with Tony Robbins and he asked Tony Robbins, he said, “Hey man, do you think I should sell? Because it’d be such a cool milestone to sell my company for this amount, which is this ridiculous amount. And to be honest, I’m sick of being the CEO”, because at that time he was.

He likes marketing, he’s a marketing nerd, and he would say that, right? So he loves the marketing nitty gritty, hates the management of people and stuff. He just doesn’t like that. And so Tony gave him some really, really good wisdom. And that is, if you sold your company without your next purpose, you would be miserable. And the reason I say that is because we have to always be creating a next purpose. We have to always be looking at, what is our next target? And that doesn’t mean income. For me, I meditate every day as you probably know, right?

Jamie Kanner: [crosstalk] yeah.

Ray Higdon: Yeah. And so, I remember when I first got serious about meditation, so there’s a couple ways he says it. So he says like, see your future self. And then the other one is, use your heart as a magnet, draw it to you. And so, for a while I would think about money and I would think about bank account and this and that and this and that. And I was missing a key ingredient, and that was emotion. I just couldn’t get emotional over that stuff. But when I started thinking about impact, when I started thinking about building schools and right now we’re working on funding a hazard house, which will be here in our area, that’ll be the middle ground for … Instead of kids just going to DCF and sitting in a sterile office with someone pounding and the foster parents trying to place these kids and splitting up the siblings, they would go to this hazard house and get counseling and love and toys and, you know, and be well taken care of emotionally. And then, you see where it goes from there, but at least it’s a place where the cops know, don’t call DCF, take them to the hazard house and they’ll be taking good care of, right? And so, that’s the kind of stuff, or seeing people have breakthroughs in their business and overcoming trauma and overcoming past obstacles. That’s what gets me emotional. Now, if I do that particular thing, help people overcome their obstacles, then I should make money, right? And so it’s more of, how do I impact more people? The money should come. And so, I would encourage you to just think about, okay, it may not be the next rank, right? Because probably

Jamie Kanner: It is the next rank. Part of it is that, you know what I’m saying? This is my comfort zone. I’m not at the top of the rank.

Ray Higdon: But I would argue that your next rank, if that next rank was really meaningful to you, you would have hit it. And so, I’m throwing out there that maybe there’s something else kind of like me, like I was thinking about bank account and I was thinking about this and it just wasn’t jiving with me. It just like, whatever. I don’t even log into the bank account. That’s just not what motivates me, but I should, if I show up enough money should come, I should get more clients, I should get more customers, et cetera. And so, one thing that really good network marketers that I’ve seen over the years, one thing they’re really good at is time management within their story. So you don’t ever, and I would suggest against, you don’t ever have to tell someone you’ve been in the industry 29 years. Now, you’re amongst friends here.

Jamie Kanner: Right.

Ray Higdon: So, if you’re in a network marketing scenario, then sure. That’s an honoring of the profession and showing of the colors and the flag and that’s a good thing. But if I’m talking to a stranger, I’m like, “Hey listen, I was looking for something to replace my job because I was sick and tired of my job. And I was sick and tired and not being able to raise my kids. And so, I found this thing and it’s been helping me do that”. I don’t have to say 29 years because I think 29 years is where you may be getting people disjointed of, do you even remember what it’s like?

Jamie Kanner: Completely. And they think that, oh no wonder, no wonder you made it, but I couldn’t make it because I’m starting now. That’s a very good point, Ray.

Ray Higdon: Right. Just thinking about how many … So if we back all the way out and I don’t know, you have to tie this to your beliefs of course. But I believe that a lot of our problems are because the parents are too damn busy. I believe a lot of the problems of the world are that the parents are just too damn busy. They’re working too many jobs or they’re away from home or whatever. And I just think about your story and how many moms could you help see the light and see that there’s possibility for them to work from home, to spend more time with the kids, or raise their kids the way that you did. And so, you pick and choose you know what you say. And there’s so many nuances. Not that they ever listened to me, but when I recruited doctors, I would tell them if you’re talking to a stranger, don’t tell them you’re doctor, tell them you work at a hospital. They’ll never suspect you’re a doctor. No, they never listened to me and they needed their kudos. But there are certain things, I remember hearing, I won’t name them, but I remember hearing in my first company, you would think that this guy was a long haired surfer two years ago. Well, it turns out that was 30 years ago.

Jamie Kanner: Interesting.

Ray Higdon: And he talks, but the way he told it, you’re like, dang man, it sounds like it wasn’t that long ago. How long ago was it? And so you really relate with that. And you’re like, damn that’s amazing. He’s doing so good. And so I would not lie, but I would manage the time around your story and leave out certain things. So one little thing with me is, I say I lost it all in real estate. I actually don’t typically say I was a real estate investor. Most people are like, :”Oh, investor, oh, he had money”. Well the truth is, I didn’t have money really. I was pulling equity out of my house in an inflated market. So it’s just funny money. Jamie Kanner: Right. Ray Higdon: But people, just that word investor, oh he’s different. So I want to identify every piece of my story that makes people think I’m different and I don’t understand them. And so I would talk about, I lost it on real estate and my credit was shot, which all of those things are true and people can relate with them. Jamie Kanner: Yeah. Ray Higdon: So I wouldn’t tell them, “Hey, once upon a time I was speaking on the road 22 days a month, Vegas, Chicago, Phoenix, Miami, LA selling big ticket stuff”. I’m not going to say that because that may make me look important, but it doesn’t make them relate with me.

Jamie Kanner: Right.

Ray Higdon: Does that make sense?

Jamie Kanner: Yeah, so good Ray. So good because I feel like it was so long ago that I’m actually making the story feel so long ago to them too, so that they can’t

Ray Higdon: Right.

Jamie Kanner: Yeah. Ray Higdon: I would use phrases like, “Hey, listen, I understand. I remember when I was grinding away at corporate world”, I’m not saying a time. I’m not saying how long ago, I’m not saying what year. That I had a beehive or whatever. Okay, not that long ago, but I’m going to say, man, I remember exactly how it was. And just going into rush hour, coming home, the kids want to play, I’m tired and I just hated it. And so, I met someone that introduced me to this thing and it’s been able to be raising my kids. I would just really scrutinize, is there anything that I’m saying for credibility reasons? Because here’s how network marketers become almost like … There’s probably a term, but they almost become battered.

Jamie Kanner: Yes.

Ray Higdon: A network marketer is beat up all the time and you want to say, listen, listen M and F’er, I’ve been doing it 29 years. You want to flex on them, right? You want to say, “I make a lot of money”, and you want to flex on them because there’ll be skeptical and cynical. But when we flex, now they can’t relate.

Jamie Kanner: Right.

Ray Higdon: And so, instead of impressiveness, it’s relatedness. So when people hear that, I don’t … If someone says, “I don’t know that I can do it”, I might say, “Yeah, I understand. I didn’t finish high school on time. I never finished college. I’m someone that didn’t have the greatest childhood. Parents were divorced pretty early. And I wasn’t sure I could do it either to be honest. And all I did was, I followed the system. I just listened. I showed up, I plugged in and it wasn’t easy going at first, but, I just kept following the system and it worked out”. And I remember, I’ll give you one last story, I’ve been doing all the talking here, but I remember being at Blue Martini in Naples and I’m up at the bar and I’m talking to this guy. I think it was a realtor, I think. Almost everyone is, right? But I think he was a realtor and I said, “Hey man”, we got to chatting, I don’t remember about what, but I said, “Hey man, I’m working on a side project. I’m always looking for sharp people to talk to you. I’d love to grab your card or something. I’m here with a group, so I can’t really talk too much, but I’d love to follow up with you and see if it’s something that you’d be open to, make some extra money”. And he’s like, “Okay”. And so, he got me his card and I followed up with him and got him on a presentation. I didn’t present because I would sacrifice a little bit of conversion for more duplication. And so, because I was trained in sales hardcore, I can make a persuasive presentation, but they probably can’t. So I rather have them watch a video or something maybe not as converting, but duplicatable because I’ll say, “Hey, by the way, all I do is show this video and that’s all you would do”. And like, “All I do is get people to watch this video?” Yes. And so I follow up with them and get them on a video and he joins. Well next month, he came to the company event. And so, at that particular company event, I earned a BMW seven series. And so he came, I saw him and I’m like, “Oh hey”. And he comes rushing over and he’s like, “Dude, you’re the number one income earner”. And I’m like, “Yeah”. He goes, “Why didn’t you tell me that? Lead with that”. I’m like, “Well, the reason I didn’t tell you that is because you can’t say that. See what I mean?

Jamie Kanner: Right, yeah. Ray Higdon: He can’t say that. I can’t say I’m the number one earner in this thing. I said side project. I do it on the side. That’s something that anyone can relate to and here’s a video. This is the video you would use. And then he shows up at the event and no one will ever be mad at you for under credibility. If you play yourself down, no one’s going to be like, “Oh you big liar, I hate you”. No one’s ever going to hate on you for not tooting your own horn. It’s when when you over to your horn, that’s when they’re like, “Oh boy”. And so, I would just, what am I saying that they can say, or they can relate to? And am I saying anything that they cannot say?

And so, I never was a check shower. I know guys that they have this little notebook and they’re like, “See? Look, it works”. And they should literally show their checks, totally against compliance and not smart, but the psychological reason, I hate that, not just because it’s not ethical, but the psychological reason is they can’t do that. They have no checks to show. I just don’t like the psychology of it. And so, what’s your take on that? On all of this, I should say.

Jamie Kanner: First of all, I love it. It’s such a good point because it’s not even that I say that, it’s that I feel that. So removed from it, that they must not feel that they could do what I do. And so, I think that’s causing a disconnect, even though I’m focusing on serving them and I see what they are capable of. It takes a long time for them to get to know … I’m lengthening the process. Once people get to know me, they’re like, “Oh my God, I get you. You’re amazing. I’m so glad”. But it’s not enough people I’m relatable to and fast enough. So I think that’s a very valid point that I need to just stay in the place of where I was, and the shoes that I walked in and how it changed my life. And forget about my life for one second, it changed my kid’s life because they’re crushing it business because they watched me, they heard me. When my daughter was 16 years old, she did my opportunity meeting for 200 people. And she crushed it.

Ray Higdon: Wow.

Jamie Kanner: How did she do that? She just heard me over and over and over again.

Ray Higdon: That’s awesome.

Jamie Kanner: People don’t realize the impact it can have on their children, forget about immediate. You’re changing generations of who children are going to show up as. Your kids are going to be incredible entrepreneurs, business because they watched their mom and dad.

Ray Higdon: Yeah. Well take that passion and know that literally every person you talk to is like that. And then, one last thing, I said it in my Blue Martinis story, but I would tell people you do this on the side. So I told people I did this on the side when I was the number one earner of the company. If anyone ever asks like, “Well, what do you do full-time?” I said, “I’m a full-time dad, but I do this on the side”. And so again, I’m playing myself down, I’m not puffing myself up. And so like with you, if it’s maybe full-time yoga. I don’t know what you do, but I would

Jamie Kanner: Full-time [crosstalk].

Ray Higdon: Whatever works for you, but there’s just much more power, I think, in saying I do this on the side, I do this part-time because some people, as soon as you say full-time they say, “Oh, I can never do it”. Oh, no wonder you’re successful, you’re full-time. If I could go full time, which I can’t then yeah, I’d be good to, which is baloney, but I do this on the side. And so no one will ever be like, “Really? How do you fit this in?” Well, show this video to people. And I do a certain number of it every week and some say yes, some say no. But tap the tap into the passion that you have, I think what really is going to drive you is the passion. When you lit up about your kids and just start thinking about all the kids you’re going to impact. If you can just get more moms staying at home, if that’s what they want, obviously. Not that they have to or whatever, but if you can just get more parents free, where they’re able to spend more time with their kids, able to show them really cool stuff and business skills, et cetera, then you’re helping to change the world for sure. And so, that’s what I would tap into. Does that help?

Jamie Kanner: Yeah, so much.

Ray Higdon: Awesome.

Jamie Kanner: That was amazing.

Ray Higdon: Very cool.

Jamie Kanner: I so appreciate it.

Ray Higdon: Well, I’m rooting for you at 29 years are starting all over. It’s going to be amazing. You’re going to crush that next rank, but you don’t have to think about that next rank. Think about all the kids and I really believe you’ll naturally hit that rank. I really do.

Jamie Kanner: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Ray Higdon: Jamie, everybody. Give her some love, drop some comments, feel free to share this. And I appreciate you. Thank you, Jamie.

Jamie Kanner: Thank you, Ray. Thanks [crosstalk].

Ray Higdon: [crosstalk] I’ll see you in the group.

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