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Join Our Google Hangout
MLM Mastermind Tonight!

Let’s have some fun! Here is the recording for our Google Hangout where we did an MLM mastermind.

What the heck is a Google Hangout?

Basically, like a livestream but we get to interact. I flip on my camera at this end and you get to watch live and my biz mgr will be on to relay your questions to me and we will have a lot of fun!

If you have burning questions on marketing, traffic, leads, recruiting, etc, be sure to stay in the loop at https://rayhigdon.com/live

What Can You Expect from this MLM Mastermind?

You can expect straight talk, no nonsense or baloney. If you step up and ask a question, be ready for a straight answer with no pulled punches. Feel free to ask me whatever you would like from how my wife and I run our business to what I eat for breakfast lol (the answer is usually spinach and eggs by the way).

This is my THANK YOU for being so awesome and commenting on my blogs and on Facebook and to also hear how I can best help you. A well run MLM mastermind is worth thousands of dollars so happy to hop on with you tonight and give you the goods!

The Google Hangout Recording


Be sure to give me feedback on our new camera! To register for future MLM mastermind, go here and enter your email address

BIG NEWS! – On the Cover of Small Business Owner Magazine!

892927_369296073188420_2083872994_oCheck this out, this month I am on the cover of the Small Business Owner magazine! Very cool right? You can download your free digital copy here on the iPad Newsstand www.thesbomag.com.

Inside this interview they ask me:

– What would I say to someone that says network marketing is not a real business?

– How becoming an amazon best-selling author has changed my view of myself and how others view me

– To talk about the skills you learn in network marketing that can transfer to other niches

– How I communicate across multiple channels with giving the appearance of being everywhere

– How I would use what I have learned in network marketing to inspire a team of employees

And much more! Get your free copy here, available in the iPad newsstand now!

See you tonight on the MLM mastermind! Just my thanks to you for being awesome!

To Your Abundance!

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