I am a Fort Myers Internet Marketer and I love what I do. This morning I woke up a little later than normal. Now, for those that do not know my routine, I get up in the morning around 5, 5:30am and blog for several companies, do some meditation and then head to my Naples Personal Trainer, Nick Smith. This morning, I really, really did not feel like going. So, what did I do? I worked out anyway and ended up feeling great! Did you know, I am sure no one reading this, that some people take “I don’t feel like it” as an actual excuse. What if people throughout history had used this as a valid excuse….hmmmm. Wonder if Thomas Edison said “He didn’t feel like it” after failing a couple hundred times at creating the lightbulb, would we have it today? Wonder what else we might not have…all because one person at some point decided they didn’t feel like it. OK, so, did you catch that I put the role of a Fort Myers Internet Marketer with Thomas Edison? Hey, he had a winter home here! Haha, I do believe I am blessed to be a Fort Myers Internet Marketer and will always catch myself if I try the old “Don’t feel like it” routine!

When you catch yourself saying “You don’t feel like it” to something that contributes to your goals or your growth, just do it anyway and see how you feel.


Ray Higdon