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Is Network Marketing a Scam?


This will help you if you have someone ask you “Is network marketing a scam” and if you aren’t sure, this short video will clearly share with you the answer.

Watch this short video to help understand why it’s true that only a small percentage of people succeed inside network marketing.

A Big Home Based Business Scam?

So first of all, yes, it is true that not everyone creates massive success inside network marketing, however, the main reason that I believe it’s the best profession to be in is, put simply, it makes people better.

From being in other professions and industries, it’s network marketing that focuses so much on self improvement and making it’s people better than anything I have even been in.

Seriously, asking “Is network marketing a scam” means you never attended any events or plugged in as that question is pretty silly. This industry teaches all about freedom, relationships, residual income and connecting better with people. IF you grasp the training that is offered inside almost any network marketing company, you WILL become a better person and human being.

But What About the Money? Who really makes the $$?

The below video (it’s very short) will help you with that question. Let me be the first to say that network marketing, like any industry, has a small percentage of people that create MASSIVE financial success and there’s a big reason why. Watch the below video for full details.

Video: Is Network Marketing a Scam?

So my purpose in that short video was two-fold.

1. To help you understand why there is no question to the legitimacy of the industry and

2. To help you answer the question “Is network marketing a scam” when your prospects are uneducated.

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