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Is Extreme Couponing a Smart
Way to Save Money on Food?


Last night my wife and I watched a show called Extreme Couponing and this kicked off a discussion on Facebook, is this a smart way to save money on food?

Saw Extreme Couponing on Netflix Last Night…

So, my wife, business manager Thomas and I were surfing around on Netflix and I came across the show “Extreme Couponing”. The concept, in a nutshell, is the show highlights people who utilize a large majority of their time to locate the best deals, coupons, matches, as a way to save money on food and grocery items. Many of them have mini-marts in their house and some have enough food to feed 800+ people.

One lady goes through the checkout with 4 overflowing baskets of food items that ring up over $1,800 but after all the application of her coupons, it comes down to less than $100, crazy right? My initial reaction was dang, I wish my wife was like this, lol, but then I thought about it, is this really the best way to save finances on food?

Can it be Dangerous to Save Money on Groceries?

So, law of attraction, whatever you want to call it, THIS morning, I get in line to buy some things at my local grocery store and lo and behold, I get behind an extreme couponer! Crazy! I have never noticed this before but here it is. Her total bill came to $56 and after coupons it came down to $8, this stuff actually works right? Yes, it took at least ten minutes at the cash register but she saved a lot of money right? Well, here are my thoughts…

1. I believe your time is better spent increasing your value by learning how to solve problems and MAKE money than SAVE money by extreme couponing.

2. Note the food she has in the picture. She has about 12 boxes of cake mix, jello, fried onions in a can and apple juice (loaded with sugar). In an effort to save money on food, you could be giving you and your family diabetes. Have you ever seen a coupon for fresh, organic broccoli? Yeah, didn’t think so.

3. Is this stuff really items normal people buy? In the extreme couponing episode we watched, there were people saying they had saved $40,000-$50,000 on groceries. Is it really that they saved things they would have bought anyway? And I assume this is off the highest retail price AND we already know they are items that are probably of zero nutritional value. Will the hospital fees later on in life justify the saved money spent clipping coupons? I don’t think so.

Video: My thoughts on This Method to Save Money on Food

I had a brief conversation with the lady in the store this morning and it was hilarious lol.

NOTE: I honestly don’t care what people do with their time but would just encourage understanding this, your TIME is more important than money AND if you sacrifice your health now to save money on food, you WILL regret it. Hope this message helps you and agree or disagree, please leave a comment below and share this around, curious as to what people think about extreme couponing and maybe we can get some to argue with me on here lol.

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