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Internet Marketing Tips to Help Get More Leads

internet marketing tips

Do you struggle with technology and just want to get more leads? Here are some basic Internet Marketing tips to help you become a master!

Watch this short, and funny, video to learn the basics of how to get more leads using the Internet!

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I recently asked on Facebook who would be interested if I did a webinar on the the basics of getting leads and sharing more Internet marketing tips and there was a big response so we decided we are doing a totally free webinar next Tuesday at 9pm Eastern, you will learn how to build your network marketing business using the Internet as well as how to easily create capture pages that will get you leads, register here. Feel free to share that with anyone who might benefit.

Biggest Mistake With Online Marketing

When a lot of network marketers come to the Internet, they believe that there are so many people online and on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever that by simply throwing their company video or opportunity link out there should, because of sheer numbers, will get them signups.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe this worked when the Internet was brand new but the truth is, Marketers ruin pretty much everything that was once easy. Now online consumers are way more aware of spammy practices and the fact there there are a billion different opportunities to make money from home so you have to use strategy if you want to crush it online. It is much less a hail mary into the end zone hoping for a touchdown than it is a strategic way of doing things. In the below video I share with you the very basics that you will want to embrace IF you are to create some success using online tactics, enjoy my Internet marketing tips as I share them in a pretty funny way, (see what I mean by watching the below video!)

Video: Internet Marketing Tips for YOU to Get More Leads Now

Did you learn something? For some of you it was probably very basic and that is OK, there are a lot of people that supposedly understand Internet marketing that need to be reminded of the basics!

Share this with anyone wanting to learn smarter Internet marketing tips. If everyone understood what I talk about in the above video, the online world would have much less spam and way more value. Comment below if YOU got value from this short video!

To Your Abundance!

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