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Finding people to join your team or buy your product can definitely be a struggle and today we’re going to share some of our tools from our Rank Makers trainings.

I’m sharing three things to do or remember when trying to sell your product or recruit team members.

How To Find People Who Are Actually Interested In Your Product

Change Your Language

In order to change anything in life, you have to start with the language and intention it comes from. If you keep saying, “I seem to only find people who are broke and can’t afford my product,” that will be your experience. I found that, until you do this, all of your actions will lead to the same conclusion.

Instead of saying:

“I seem to only find people who are broke and can’t afford my product”.


“I’m so happy and grateful I’m locating people who are wanting to change their lives.”

Now, I know the argument. The argument is, “Ray, I’m just telling it like it is.”

Okay, well, “tell it like it is” keeps it like it is.

Justifying where you are keeps you where you are, so stop using that language. Change your language.

Poor People Still Buy/Join

You have to understand that broke people still buy or join. More people need to get this.

If you ever have the pleasure of speaking on your company stage, ask the audience, “How many of you didn’t have the money to join?” I guarantee you, you’ll have over 50% of the audience raise their hand.

Broke people still buy. Broke people still have iPhones. Broke people still have gym memberships, have Netflix memberships, have Amazon Prime. Broke people still have nice sneakers. Broke people still buy or join.

Now, notice this is step two. It’s for you to come to the realization that broke people still want to change their lives. Being broke has nothing to do with buying your product or joining your organization. Nothing.

We have a individual in Rank Makers and a good friend of mine now, Michelle Eldridge. Michelle Eldridge was broke. No car, no job, in a very tough situation. Sold her kids’ toys to join her network marketing organization.

Now, you might have prospected Michelle and said, “Ah, she’s broke. She doesn’t want to change her life.” But, she did want to change her life, and yes, she was broke.

She did it anyway because broke people still buy or join. You stopping because someone is broke doesn’t make any sense at all. Doesn’t it make more sense that someone broke really needs to do something? So why not give them that opportunity? Why be against that?

Handle Money Objections Strategically

Number three, get better at handling the money objections that will inevitable come your way.

When I recruited people who were broke, people who just didn’t have much money at all and didn’t have enough money to even join the company that I was with – I just asked different questions. If I talked to someone, and I got them to watch the company video, and then I follow up with them and say,”Hey, what’d you like about what you saw?” and their response is, “Man, I really like it, but I don’t have the money,” would I say, “Bummer. Man. I’m only finding people that are broke,” or did I ask more questions?

I asked questions.

I would say, “Okay, got it. You don’t have the money. Got it. Let me just ask you this question. If you did have the money, would you do it?”

Now, sometimes they say, “Nah. Nah. You got me. I don’t want to do it, man.” I’m like, “Cool, no problem. Good luck to you. You know anyone that does want to make some extra money?” They may say, “No.” It’s okay.

But if I say, “Hey, if you had the money, would you do it?” and they say, “Yeah. Yeah. I would.” “Okay, got it. Now, let me just clarify. It’s a $500 to join. Are you saying that you do not have $500 in your bank account or on any credit card or in a piggy bank somewhere up on the fridge in the cookie jar? Are you saying you do not have $500, period?”

“No, man. I don’t.”

“Got it. Okay, I understand. Got it. I’m just curious, how far off are we? You clearly have some money. You probably still eat and things like that, so how far off are we? You’re saying you don’t have the $500. Well, how far off are we?”

I’ve had people sell their:

  • bicycle
  • furniture
  • xboxes
  • their high school rings
  • jewelry

And, I’ve had people sell stuff to get into an opportunity that could make them lots more money and lots more goodness than those things could ever get them.

When they sell stuff to join, and they’re getting into something that has the possibility of changing their life.

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