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How to Improve Retention
and Why People Quit


Ever wonder why people quit? This short video will tell you the main reasons they quit and how to improve retention by knowing those reasons.

Watch this short video to better understand what you might be doing in your recruiting that’s hurting and or helping your team.

Ways to Improve Retention NOT Mentioned in the video

As I don’t like to just type what is inside my video, here are some things you can do to improve retention in your team that I didn’t mention…

1. Have a great team culture. Why should someone stick around your team? Do you provide encouragement and training? Do you have a community and culture people can plug into and improve their skills and receive encouragement and acknowledgement? If not, work on that. If you are new, I would NOT suggest creating your own, I would focus on plugging into someone in your upline.

2. Don’t create win/lose scenarios. Awhile back I would recruit someone and really drive home to get them to “score in 24”, meaning, recruit their first rep in their first 24 hours. While this is GREAT to push for, you don’t want to create an environment where if they don’t score in 24, they feel like a loser. I have had people not recruit anyone for six months just to go on to build a huge team later on. Had I pushed them super hard in the beginning, and they didn’t get great results, they may have never gotten there.

3. Keep recruiting. When I recruit someone who has amazing potential and is really hungry, I do something really special…I go recruit another person. Why? “Well shouldn’t you work with that person Ray?” Oh, I do, but I also want to demonstrate that I am doing what I would love for them to do. I believe the number one way to retain people is to inspire them and the best way to inspire them is to show them you are willing to do the work right along side them.

There are a number of reasons why people quit, some of these are mentioned in the video:

1. They had false expectations. These are usually the lottery mentality seekers OR were brought in falsely by their sponsor. NEVER recruit someone without setting the expectations for work AND the social challenge of being different. Do you think Orville and Wilbur Wright were ridiculed? Of course they were, until they flew and THEN they were geniuses.

2. They have a tiny why or have no idea why they joined. This is evident when they start questioning the value of the company or the welcome kit or some nonsense like that. If you don’t have a big reason why, why would someone keep pushing? It is much easier to quit and go back to a small existence than to push through challenges. If you know your why or the version of who you want to become, wild horses couldn’t drag you away.

Video: Why People Quit

Did that video help you understand why people quit? Do you see areas where you can improve? Have YOU considered quitting and I talked about one of the reasons why? Now you are better armed with why people quit, one thing you also have to understand is it is pointless for you to beat yourself up, know that even when knowing why people quit will still not prevent all of the ones that will quit from quitting but you will be able to help the right ones.

Another thing I didn’t mention is YOU are the business owner, your upline or sponsor does NOT own your business for you. In the first company I ever created success, making over a million dollars, my upline quit, his upline quit, his upline quit, etc. I could have EASILY used that as an excuse as to why I didn’t create success but instead I grasped the idea that I was the business owner, not them.

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To Your Abundance!

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