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The Importance of Residual Income


MOST people have no idea about residual income and most people are also broke and NOT living the life of their dreams.

Watch this short video to learn two things, 1. Why you want to create residual income and 2. How to explain to others about residual income.

Passive Income and It’s Alternative

Understand that if you don’t create residual income, you are simply following a different model. There is ONE constant that I talk about in the below video and that is, If you want nice things, you ARE going to have to work hard, there is no option where you create an amazing life that doesn’t involve hard work. So, if you know that to be true, then why not work hard at something that will pay you over and over and over?

People ask me all the time, “How much money did you make your first month?” My answer? “I don’t know. They are still paying me from the efforts of my first month four years later!”

Do you get the power in that answer? You see, most jobs your pay stops showing up when you stop working REGARDLESS of how hard you worked for that company or even if you were employee of the month, THAT type of income is NOT residual income.

Residual income is money that comes in whether you roll over in bed or out of it and if you don’t have ANY residual income in your life, watch the below video on why you might consider doing SOMETHING to create some.

Video on Residual Income

Was that helpful? One thing you HAVE to understand is we ALL have residual BILLS, why not get some residual income? Bills come in each month whether you use the service or not so create some residual income and YOU can create some freedom!

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To Your Abundance!

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