Show To Succeed In MLM | There are some beliefs about network marketing that you have to work incredibly hard all day, every day to create success, but that’s not always the case! Watch this video to find out how to succeed in MLM without really trying!

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

So, I got a funny question the other day and it was how to succeed in MLM without really trying? So I’m going to answer it today.

My name is Ray Higdon and before I was a coaching trainer, I was the number one income owner of a network marketing company and now I am sharing strategies with you that will help you become a top earner in your company. So you want to succeed without working this thing full time. 

Well first, I’m going to share with you what are the components that you just have to address if you want to create success in network marketing. 

Number two, if there was an easy button to getting more people to reach out to you then this is it and I’m gonna share it with you and lastly all around this theme, working harder is actually rarely the answer to creating more success in network marketing but this is. 

Now what I’ve found in life is that there are two types of people that want to become successful and at least they express that they want to improve their life. People that elapse time and people that collapse time. 

People that collapse time are usually the ones that are either working harder and hitting bigger numbers whether it’s prospecting more people, doing more videos or whatever or you know lifting more dumbbells if they’re trying to get in shape and then the people that are elapsing time are the people that are just kind of doing this as a hobby, doing it in the nooks and crannies of their life. 

This is something that I am going to share with you what the things that you need to do to create success in network marketing without you know having to work this thing full time, but there are some components that you do need to have.

Number one, you need to be consistent. Now, maybe you don’t want to prospect all day long, like hardly anyone does, by the way. 

Most people don’t prospect for more than an hour a day and that is very few people that I’ve ever met prospect for more than an hour a day. 

Now they’ll study for three hours a day, they’ll beat themselves up for two hours a day but very few people prospect for more than an hour a day and you know when I was 18 or 19 years old, I worked for a telemarketing company and I was making 450 calls a day every day. 

Now 30% of the time I was cursed out, 30% of the time they were just like yelling at me and hanging up on me but I’ve never met a network marketer that did 450 calls a day, that just doesn’t really exist so network marketing, because of its residual income component, it does create the ability for you to not have to work as hard forever, right? 

If you’re in sales, then every month you start at zero. It doesn’t matter what you did last month, what did you do this month, right, that’s sales. 

Well if you’re getting ongoing residual income based on previous activity, then you can’t get to a point where you have enough money coming in to cover your bills, you don’t necessarily have to work that hard that month if you don’t want to but some of the components you need consistency, you need a system. 

You are always going to work much harder than you need to if you don’t have a system. Now if I ask someone hey, do you have a system?

Everyone says oh yeah. Yeah, I got a system. I send them this video and I follow up with them. Well that’s part of a system, that’s not a full system. 

A full system is where do your reps go to learn more, how and when do they reach out to customer support of the company versus reaches out to you? 

Where are the resources for your marketing materials, where’s your fast start kit, where’s your fast start training to get the new person started, where do you house your group? 

Do you have it in a standard Facebook group or are you using you know a better software than that? 

And so there are components to a system that you do need to have regardless of your level of you know desire or level of effort and the last thing that you definitely need is culture. Now, culture is the making of people to feel good regardless of their level of desire or level result. 

So, having a culture that is accepting, not just pushy is very powerful for you to create more results with the same kind of effort. 

So if there was an easy button to marketing, this would be it and that button would be TikTok. 

TikTok is really an anomaly because when it came out, I didn’t want to have anything to do with it, I thought it was just for young kids and you know I didn’t really- you know had some weird you know stigma and stuff around it and I really wasn’t interested in it until I started seeing non-influencers generate crazy results over there. 

I’ve seen people that struggled on Facebook, struggled on Instagram, went over there and had multi thousand dollar sales days, blew me away. I know one lady did eight thousand bucks in sales in one day on TikTok and she had never done 8,000 in sales her entire career, crazy. I’ve seen crazy stuff over there. 

The reason for it is they have a different algorithm and that algorithm instead of what you know Facebook traditionally does, which is show it to a few people that know you and already follow you and like you, are friends with you, they actually take your content and they show it to whoever they think will like that content whether they like you or not. So, we’ve had students that uploaded their very first TikTok video and got a hundred thousand views. 

You know how few people have gotten a hundred thousand organic views without paying for the views on Facebook? Not a lot. 

Not a lot and we’re talking about their first video. Do you know anybody that their first video on Facebook got tens of thousands of views or none of them? 

I’ve never heard of it. Now what’s interesting is when I got serious about network marketing, TikTok wasn’t around. I mean I don’t think Instagram was around.

If it was, I didn’t even know about it. I would make a video and we didn’t have live video so there wasn’t Periscope or Facebook live, you would record a video, you would upload it to YouTube and you’d hope that someone saw it and I remember I did a video a day every day and in the first four months of my you know when I got serious about network marketing, I didn’t have hardly anybody reach out and I had very few views. 

Now, I don’t think you can do that. I don’t think you could do a video a day on TikTok for four months and not have a crapload of views and a bunch of people reaching out to you.

I think it’d actually be difficult to do that because their algorithm is so different. And so if you are looking for what’s the high leverage activity for me to do that doesn’t require a ton of time but could get me a lot of results, I would definitely say TikTok. 

I would say TikTok would be the way and what’s cool about that is as you learn TikTok, you actually learn how exactly how to do Instagram reels too and Facebook is now rolling out Facebook reels. 

And so you create a video one time, you upload it to Instagram reels, put it into Facebook reels and bada bing, that’s a very high leverage activity, doesn’t take a ton of time and doesn’t require a whole lot of trying. And here’s a bonus tip, a bonus tip. 

I’m actually giving you four, I promised you three, that’s amazing.

So the bonus tip is if you want to really succeed with as little effort as possible, learn the right way the first time. 

And this last point is actually where you have to be careful not to work too hard and I know that that sounds strange. Who tells you that? 

Who tells you be careful not to work too hard, right, but there is a very specific area in network marketing that you want to be very careful around and that is what you do for your team. 

You see, most people have money guilt. It’s kind of like- kind of like mom guilt but it’s money guilt where if they’re earning off of someone else, they feel really guilty if that person doesn’t create success. 

In that reaction to that money guilt, they’ll do anything they can.

Do you need me to wash your car? Do you need me to pick up your laundry like, they’ll do anything that they can to try to help that rep. 

Helping others is not a bad thing, right, that’s a good thing, right? Help others, be charitable and and you know be willing to help someone you know struggling like those are all good concepts but in network marketing, here’s the problem.

Everything you do for your team, they think they have to do. So if they can call you at all times of the day and all times of the night and you’ll have an hour conversation with them, guess what they think they will have to do when they’re at your position? Same thing. 

So if any time they have an issue with their shipment, they just call mama upline and says hey wherever my shipment and you go sweetie child, let me log in and find that for you. 

You log into their back office and you know all their passwords and you’re you know searching around where is that shipment then guess what they think they have to do? Same thing. 

So the more you do for your team, the more they think they have to do for their team and they’ll actually sabotage it.

You see, most people aren’t in network marketing because they love to work really hard, they’re in network marketing because they want freedom. 

They want to actually be free from working so hard. And so if you’re the one that you’re answering every question on the phone and you don’t take family vacations anymore because you love your people so much, you’re actually setting a bad paradigm. 

You’re actually telling them that yes, work must come before everything else and this is primary number one and they don’t want that. 

They don’t want to be that and they think oh, that’s what it takes to be a diamond? No thanks. So you working harder for your team and doing everything for your team could actually be sabotaging them. 

And so instead, learn to create independent reps and this is something that we cover in our leadership book and I’ll share with you how to get that. 

So if you want to build your business without all the stress, highly effectively grab our book on leadership. The link will be down in the description, just click it, it’ll take you over to Amazon and this has helped a lot of people, I know it’ll help you.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Ray Higdon

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