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How to Treat Top MLM Leaders

This is a multi-faceted post on how to treat MLM leaders. This includes how to prospect them, attract them and even treat them once they are in your downline.

How to Turn Off MLM Leaders

Smart MLM Leaders will look at your marketing and how you talk on the phone. If you are someone that hypes, you have less of a chance to get them looking at joining with you. The smart ones consider how you will be with their team when they bring them in. They also look to see if you have training in place or if they will have to create their own. Solution: Don’t hype in your marketing and have training that either you or the upline has created for new reps.

How to Treat Top MLM Leaders In Your Team

If you have the fortune of sponsoring an MLM leader into your team, treat them well. It shocks me how often a leader is mistreated in this industry. If there is even the slightest possibility that you are prospecting someone your leader has talked to, always, always, always, let the leader sponsor them. Even if there is a big difference in compensation. If you want to greatly lessen the amount of money you make in this industry, piss off your leaders.

Give cool stuff to your leaders. One thing that I do is offer coaching to my leaders at no charge. These are people in my team that have proven themselves with their work ethic and results and they deserve more of your time. Another thing I do with my leaders is give them exposure through my blog and even try to get them on different speaking stages in the industry. Bottom line is take care of your producers and what you REALLY want to do is bring in people that will hopefully outproduce you. I have seen people make mistakes with this and get hung up on their ego if their downline is getting more attention…BAD! That is horrible, don’t sabotage your downline to ensure you get more exposure, lift them up, hope they outperform you but do not look at anyone as a lottery ticket.


What if you are NOT yet an MLM Leader?

Ask your upline what it would take to become an MLM leader and if they offer anything special to those who follow the guidelines and or get certain results. A good upline should tell you. Know that ALL great network marketers were once lousy ones (me included) and the most important element for someone to become a leader is to have a coach or mentor to help them along the way. Once you become that leader know that you will have earned the right to be treated great.

Again, a good MLM leader will make you a ton of money and make your job so much more fun, take care of them, never let your ego talk you into putting them down or hiding them from the limelight, get them as much exposure as possible and you will keep the good ones from hopping over the fence.

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