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How to Three Way Call To Build Your Homebased Business

This might upset some leaders but I am going to share with you my most income producing activity not just for me, but also for my team and this is how to three way call your way to success in your homebased business. The art of the Three way call is critical to understand if you are trying to build your network marketing business opportunity. It does not matter what your tenure in MLM is, even veteran marketers use or at least should use the three way call. Let me share with you what to do but also what NOT to do…

What the Three Way Call is NOT

It is NOT a hail mary pass into the endzone. You are not using it to deliver clueless prospects to the closing fairy that is your upline. This information is NOT just to protect the upline, it is to protect you from teaching prospects the wrong way and to protect you from looking like a weiner. Your prospects are studying your every move and if you hail mary them onto a three way call, you are going to look weak and teach them the wrong way.

How to Three Way Call

Ask your prospect “HOW SOON” not “WHEN” they can attend a webinar, watch a video, etc and then tell them you will follow up with them afterwards. Have your prospect get exposed to your business via webinar, event, DVD, etc, then, have a list of numbers of your upline, preferably at least three leaders, and reach out to them to give them a heads up you may be contacting them for a three way call.

If you attempt to contact that leader and you cannot get any of them, Do you moan and cry and get upset? No. You tell your prospect that your business is growing so quickly that all of the leaders are busy right now and you will have to try them at some other time. Prospects want to be with people who are busy anyway, so this is NOT a bad thing. What is bad is moaning and complaining when you don’t get your way and having a prospect see that.

BEFORE your prospect gets on the phone with your upline, build up your upline big time and tell them how special it is to even get on the phone with whoever you are getting on the phone. Don’t beg them or even ask them to get on the phone with your upline, just do it. What if your upline doesn’t do three way calls for the team? Well, in a people type business, I think that is going to be pretty tough for you if you are a new marketer. Perhaps go to corporate and try to connect with someone higher to see if they are willing.

Video on How to Three Way Call


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