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How to Talk to People Already
in a Network Marketing Company


You just joined a network marketing company and you want to know how to talk to people you know that are in other companies, right? Well, pay attention to this post and video as it will help you!

You can VERY EASILY turn off network marketers with your MLM prospecting approach if you don’t watch this video.

Should You Even Approach People in another Network Marketing Company?

As with most questions like this, the answer is, it depends, but the WAY you approach is the part I want to focus on today. If you are using poor MLM prospecting strategies that raise resistance, we need to get you back to the basics and focus on how to talk to people in a respectful manner.

There are a couple quick rules when it comes to how to talk to people in other MLM’s:

1. Don’t bash their company or be negative about it in anyway. I explain EXACTLY why in the below video.

2. Never, ever, ever bash a company you USED to be in, especially if you were in it for an extended period of time. This is for two reasons, 1. It makes you look like a jackass and 2. It burns bridges as that stuff ALWAYS gets back to people you used to work with, just human nature.

3. Never send an unsolicited link like “Check out my deal – Link” or “This opportunity is huge – Link” that stuff not only doesn’t work on people in an existing network marketing company, it also doesn’t work on anyone else for that matter.

4. Be aware, in your journey of learning how to talk to people that there are just certain things that raise the other persons resistance. The video lays that out for you so you don’t make any mistakes there.

Video: How to Talk to People in Other MLM’s

Did this help you with how to talk to people?

By the way, reaching out to a big leader and sending them a pitchy email with your link IS NOT TRYING. Some say give them an A for effort, I give them an F for treating me like a piece of meat! Don’t treat people in another network marketing company (or anyone for that matter) like a piece of meat you would love to score into your business. Treat people with the respect you would like to be treated with my friend.

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