How to Succeed at Cold Market Prospecting – 5 Best Tips


The other night we did an EPIC training on Cold Market prospecting, you are gonna love it.

I had people tell them it was the best training on cold market they have ever been a part of, you can now watch it for yourself.

Should You Bother with Cold Market Recruiting?

In my opinion, IF you are serious about getting more sales, whether you are in network marketing or ANY other profession that involves making a commission, you NEED to learn cold market prospecting, specifically how to approach, prospect and recruit and or sell them your product, services or opportunity.

There are more people in your cold market than in your warm market and, by watching this replay from the other night, you will quickly learn that it does NOT have to be painful or scary.

5 Cold Market Prospecting Tips from the Other Night

1. It all starts with one thing. I know you want “scripts” and step by step what to say but that literally doesn’t matter AT ALL until you have this one thing. Did you hear that? That magical script crafted by MLM wizards is as useless as a roof built out of marshmallow peeps. Scripts will not help you, at all, until you have…POSTURE. Posture is step ONE and in this replay my buddy Chris Carroll shares exactly how to develop your posture and he even gives two exact examples so you truly understand what Posture really is.

2. Stop worrying so much about “making the transition” to pitching your business from chatting with someone and instead LISTEN. Listen to them, let is be natural vs you biting at the bit like a wolf licking his lips and instead LISTEN then give them a positioning question to either solve their problem or compliment and ask them their openness.

3. Stop trying to close them on the spot. Unless you are HIGHLY trained and experienced, implement a two step process. Chris covers this 2 step process in the replay.

4. The most important time is setting the appointment to follow up, most people do this very weakly and that is why the prospect doesn’t answer your phone call or show up to the appointment. The way Chris teaches how to do this you may start to think that your prospects may believe they are winning the lottery when you call them and will answer EVERY TIME.

5. Celebrate your wins. If you practice what Chris teaches and you progress, celebrate! If you go from terrified little wet puppy in the rain to being decent at cold market prospecting, celebrate that! Give yourself a high five! Stop beating yourself up because you feel you aren’t perfect yet, that is a total waste of time.

IF you want 2 hours of power packed cold market prospecting training, be sure to watch the replay here, IF you were on that training, please drop me a comment and let me (and Chris) know if you liked it.

You may want to share this with your team if you want them to get better at cold market prospecting!

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