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How to Start a Conversation About Your MLM


I think the biggest thing people struggle with in networking is how to start a conversation. This post will give you some simple strategies.

MLM Prospecting Standard Lines

You have probably heard all the MLM prospecting standard ice breakers right? These work too of course but not everyone is comfortable saying them, lines like:

– “Do you keep your options open to making money if it doesn’t interfere with what you are doing?”

– “Would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing?”

– “Do you believe in multiple streams of income?”

Those lines have worked for years and years and I am sure will continue to do so, however, in this post, I wanted to give you some different angles…

How to Start a Conversation About Your Business

Let’s first start with offline MLM prospecting. A really easy way how to start a conversation with someone you meet while out and about is notice something about them, hat, shirt, shoes, whatever and make a compliment and then ask a question and then be ready to active listen. Here are some examples:

“I like those shoes/earrings/glasses/etc, where did you get them?” Then, listen for something you can associate something else with. What you are doing here is attempting to build a relationship without them seeing an alternative motive. Eventually you want to get to what they do for a living, and THAT is where the magic happens.

Once you hear what they do for a living, which, is how most people assign their identity to. Ask someone who they are and they will most likely answer with the job they currently hold. So, once you learn their occupation, this is where you associate a story about your MLM.

You want to KNOW these stories from your network marketing company, know about teachers, plumbers, truck drivers, etc that have had some form of success in your business and use those stories! The best sales people use stories and they are actually easier than some weird dialogue about network marketing.

How to Talk to People Once You Know Their Occupation

Last weekend I did a full day mastermind training with a group of my teammates in Dallas and I trained them on two things, 1. How to give a good testimonial and 2. How to use the testimonials of others. You can actually listen in on the testimonials here. If you are in my team, this little mp3 is PURE GOLD as it will ARM you with so many crazy awesome testimonials that it’ll blow you away. I had people share why they joined, their occupation and how much they have saved in taxes, amassed in assets and even how much money some of them have made.

OK, so, once you know the persons occupation, be prepared to say, oh wow, I actually work with a __________ in my side business that is doing really well/won a vacation/is making some good money, etc, that is so cool! Most people at this point will ask you what the side project is (since you have built some rapport) but even if they don’t, believe you leave the person, ask for a business card, explain that you have to jump on a conference call and would love to stay in touch. The conference call (made up or not) is what I call a “break in communication” and it prevents you from saying too much and blowing the sale. The “stay in touch” signals that it is safe to give you their card as you probably will never reach out to them (most people don’t). Make sure you follow up with them if you use this technique, now, go get some new signups already!

To Your Abundance!

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