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How to Spend More Time with Your Kids at Home

Today is Fathers day, instead of simply wishing you a Happy Fathers day, thought I would teach you how to spend more time with your kids. In the home based business arena most marketers focus on how to make more money but I have found that more people are looking for something else, time freedom.

You can Learn how to spend more time with your kids

It actually isn’t that complex. What creates freedom? Options. What creates options? Money. What creates time freedom? Money that comes into your house without you having to trade hours for it. If you understand the very beginner concept of residual income as detailed in the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you understand that residual income or passive income is money that comes into your house without an attachment to the number of hours you recently spent to acquire it.

Jobs will almost never help you to spend more time with your kids

It makes sense. In a sales job you have to start each month off at zero, if you don’t hustle, you don’t make money and then you get fired (especially in this economy). Regular jobs stop paying you when you stop showing up. The problem with trading dollars for hours your entire life is life happens while you are at work. Timmy hits that homerun that you missed and Sally takes her first step while you are in a cubicle. If you are NOT happy with spending more time with pictures of your family on your desk than the real thing, you might wanna do something about it.

It doesn’t have to be my way

This is not a sales pitch. Yes, I have a home business where I teach others how to spend more time with your kids but you can pick from a million different projects to accomplish an income that comes into your house without you being away from it all the time.

This is a foreign concept to the lifelonger of corporate America. You can almost feel guilty when you start making more money per week than you did per month and while working less hours. It is strange, at least, at first, but then, you get to like it.

One of the hidden dangers of being a parent and having a mediocre life is you are teaching your kids to do what you are doing. I want my kids to understand they can do anything they want and have any experience in life they desire. They at least will know what that looks like. Does that mean they have to follow in my footsteps and have a life of traveling and freedom? No, but, they at least know what is possible.

But you gotta make that first step. Establish if you actually want a change and the pain associated with not changing. Then, turn off the TV, work on yourself and read more, then, go forth!

Video: 4 Steps to Spending More Time with Your Kids


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