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How to Sell Stuff

Warning: This is not a fluffy post. This is hard core sales training that MOST people do not know and certainly don’t use. Even the best speakers in our industry fail to utilize these principles. You will know how to sell stuff by the end of this post.

Number One Secret on How to Sell Stuff

The key, is to focus on what your product or service DOES, not what it is. You may have heard this explained as people buy the benefits not the features…well, people REALLY buy the benefits of the benefits and rarely even care about the features (all features usually do is provide logical backup that isn’t always needed)

You are benefiting from me constantly investing in myself. In the last 45 days, I have invested over $20,000 into my education so I can further my business which YOU get to benefit from as I just have to blog about things that I am learning…cool how that works huh?

Examples of How to Sell Stuff

Note: I am making all of the descriptions up, don’t focus on that, instead focus on the point I am making on how to sell stuff.

Product Number One: Shampoo

What it is? (how amateurs would try to sell it): It is an organic mixture of Jojoba and Avocado with 100mg of Biotin in each squirt and a unique blend of beta carotene and silica.

What are the benefits? (slightly better sales person would focus on this): It will give you amazingly shiny hair and really frame your face to make you look 38% better looking.

What are the benefits of the benefits? Imagine the look on your ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands face when they see this new hair of yours, they are literally going to kick themselves for EVER letting you go girl!

Product Number Two: Network Marketing

What is it? (How amateurs sell it): It is a highly leveraged way to make money and the product and compensation plan are out of this world.

What are the benefits? (for the slightly better salesperson): The benefits of network marketing are that you can earn money from home, win trips, control your life and quit that job.

What are the benefits of the benefits? Imagine sending a postcard to those doubting in-laws from the vacation you take your wife on in Paris. When you drive down through the neighborhood past doubting Tom and negative Nancy in your brand new BMW, imagine the looks on their faces as you wave and smile. What will your co-workers think when you come in on a Monday dressed in fishing gear or your tennis outfit and let the boss know you just quit to pursue your dreams?

If You Wanna Know How to Sell Stuff, Tap Into the Emotions

People that barely make any sales always are focusing on what their product or service IS versus what it does and what it means to the customer. IF you focus on the benefits you are way better than most out there, if you focus on the benefits of the benefits you are in the top 2% of all sales people. Please leave a comment if in the future you would like me to do some more examples like I did above =)

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