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How to Save $400+ Per Month in Taxes By Having A Home Business

It is true that it is NOT what you make, but what you keep. Here is a very scary fact, w-2 wage earners that do not take advantage of having a home business are paying an average of $20 PER DAY too much in taxes than they would if they simply had a home business. In the below video I interview a home business certified tax expert on the matter as he shares 6 deductions hardly anyone even know about and how it will save you BIG money.

Why having a Homebased Business Reduces Taxes

There are basically two types of earners. Those with a business and those without. Those without miss out on almost every single deduction that the IRS provides. It is so crazy to know that being in a company and being on auto-ship is actually CHEAPER than not being on autoship. But don't take my word for it, hear from my man, Jeff Martinson in the below video.

Video: Homebased Business Tax Savings and How w-2 people get screwed

NOTE: This is from a team webinar I did the other night, we do mention our company on here but the information applies to any homebased business
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