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Do you want to recruit more SERIOUS peeps into your team?

Here I share exactly who you should recruit and how to build an unstoppable team.

How To Recruit Serious Go Getters To Build To Your Network Marketing Business

Are you wanting to rank up and find like-minded people to join your team?

Well.. mistake that some people make is that they say, “I only want serious people.”

“I only want super serious people that are after making lots of money. That’s all I’m after. You want to make lots of money?”

That’s a huge mistake.

You May Miss Out On Your Best Top Earner

A lot of the top earners that we’ve coached, that we’ve worked with and just observed over the years, they actually did NOT come in with the mindset of becoming a top earner.

They came in trying the product. A lot of them came into network marketing with NO income goals.

Now obviously, some of them did. Some of them came in, they want to kill it, right? They want to reach the top.

In fact, a lot of them did not come in with the intentions of becoming a top earner.

If you only want to recruit serious people, then you would’ve turned away a million dollar a year earner.


One thing that we talk a lot about in rank makers is culture.

And so, culture everyone throws around, right? Everyone’s, “Culture, culture, culture, culture.”

I like the Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

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100%, absolutely, I agree one million percent. Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

But everyone talks about culture. What does that mean?

In the network marketing context, what we define culture is as the way that someone is made to feel regardless of their level of desire of results.

So, if someone is in a company for two years, consuming the product or using the service, and they haven’t made a dime…. If they’re made to feel less than, bad culture.

Having good culture, they’re welcomed, loved, acknowledged, and appreciated.

If someone comes in and they don’t have a desire of making money. They just don’t have a desire like, “I don’t really want to build a business.”

Most leaders would be like, “How do I turn them around? How do I get them to want that money, man? I got to get them to want it.” 

So, if someone has no desire to make money, and they’re in a team, and they’re still accepted and welcomed. They get a selfie with a leader at that event. That’s good culture.

Team Mates Who Aren’t Producing?

Do you have a lot of people in your team not doing anything? Just coating on auto-ship?

What do you do for these lazy lima beans that are doing nothing?

Send them a thank you.

How’s that going to make them hungry? It’s not.

It’s going to appreciate them for putting money in your pocket, for being a great customer.

I just want to encourage you, a lot of them are happy.

They’re happy to be in your team, to get the product/service, the training, and go to the events.

A lot of them that aren’t making money are just happy to belong. They’re happy to be a part of something.

If you want to get rid of them, right? If you want to get rid of the people that are putting money in your pocket, all you got to do is make them feel less than. It’s real simple.

If you treat people that have less desires than you, as less than you, then you have a culture problem.

Create a culture that keeps people feeling good.

Be Okay With Different Levels

Start being okay with people who don’t have the low desire that you have.

So, if you, okay, if you, before you allow anyone into your team, you have this stringent … must be serious. Must want to make a million a day. If you have that as criteria, you are going to miss out on people that if they just got around the campfire.

If they just got around your culture and said, “You know what? This is kind of cool in here, man. I heard Cindy Lou made 20 bucks. Did you hear about that? You know what? Maybe we should go out there and make some extra money.”

But that’ll never happen if you got the stringent steel curtain up, right? No getting through here unless you’re a real go-getter.

So, I would just encourage, that in your prospecting, you see if they’re open. You give them an out. You don’t be addicted to the outcome.

If they just want to be a customer, “Awesome, so cool. Welcome my friend. You rock. Appreciate you so much.”

And so, start being more understanding that people have different levels of desires.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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