Today I’m going to teach you how to recruit people in network marketing.

First I want to help you understand why you may not be recruiting anyone right now. Number two, I’m going to go into where to find people. Where do you find the people that are actually looking for opportunity? Lastly, I’m going to help you with what to actually say. By the end of this post you will be on your way to recruiting people in your team.

Why you may not be recruiting? 

Let me explain. The reason I want you to understand why you may not be recruiting is if we can identify why you’re not, it can help you understand how to recruit. The big reasons, the big categories that I see.

Number one, pipeline. People are not talking to enough people and so they talk to a handful of people haphazardly. One, this week, two next week, none that month, two that month and it’s just so haphazard. Here’s the thing, it is a numbers game. When I say that some people take it as “oh they’re people.” Yes, they’re people, I get it, but it is math just like every other sales organization, career on the planet everything. Whether it’s selling door-to-door. I have friends that sell solar and they do really well. Guess what? That’s a numbers game too. They have to knock on doors and see if someone’s open to it and if they’re not, they move on. If they just knocked on a couple doors here and there then they wouldn’t be making money or at least not very much money.

Pipeline is the number of people that you’re reaching out to following up with setting appointments, with showing presentations to possibly or getting on videos sending samples if that’s you know what you do et cetera. Pipeline is a main thing when it comes to recruiting. If you are not talking to a lot of people then you’re clearly not recruiting a lot of people. Especially if you’re still working on your skills and you don’t have a track record of being decent at recruiting then it’s literally going to take you forever for you to start getting any kind of real numbers. That is pipeline.

Number two, posture. The person trying to recruit others that’s out of posture, it’s an uphill battle. Now what’s posture? Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval. It’s kind of a mouthful there but it’s if you’re easily affected by the negativity of others then you’re going to struggle. You’re not going to if you go into convincing mode or begging mode or desperation mode, that is not where you recruit people. It’s just people don’t want to work with you and so you have to learn posture.

Number three is position. A lot of times people are trying to recruit people out of position. So they’re trying to tell someone, hey, you should totally join my team and make some money with me..” they don’t even know if the person was looking to make extra money. First “hey are you open to learning how to make some extra money,” that’s step number one. Yes, great awesome. Let me share with you some more information. Make sure that when you’re attempting to recruit someone, you first find out are they looking? Are they open? Are they interested in more information? If they’re not then that’s you’re just going to get a rejection where you could leave it at that first status and maybe come back later to them when they are open.

Lastly, is perspective. Perspective is where do you spend the majority of your time in your mind. If you’re actively trying to recruit people and you’re constantly thinking this is hard, that is hard, they’re just going to say no, they’re just going to say no, they’re just going to say no and you spend the majority of your time in a negative space then you’re going to impact your results. In fact it’s going to greatly impact your results. Perspective is actually a bigger speed quotient than pipeline, believe it or not. I talk a lot about this here on my blog and my YouTube channel so make sure you subscribe and check some of that out. Believe it or not it is more important how you think and where you spend the majority of your time in your mind than it is the number of people you reach out to. You need to reach out to some people because we are not so magical that we don’t need to reach out to anybody, at least most of us aren’t that good yet.

Let me help you. 

These four have such a major impact, if you find yourself violating any of these or most people violate all four of them if they’re struggling with recruiting then your results are definitely going to be skewed. I want you to get more results. So I want to make it nice and easy for you. Which of the four do you need more help on? Is it pipeline, is it posture, is it position or is it perspective? Drop me a comment. Let me know which one and I’ll either direct you to a video that really breaks it down for you or answer you directly.

Where do you find people? 

Okay, where do you find people to recruit? This is an interesting question because I recruited people from all over. When I was actively building a network marketing organization and I was the number one income earner of that company which I came up from scratch, I wasn’t the master distributor, I wasn’t given anything. I wasn’t brought in and brought a group. I started from scratch and built up to the number one income earner of that company. I recruited people online, offline, warm market, cold market. I recruited people from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TripAdvisor, myspace….Don’t hold it against me. There were so many people. I recruited my son’s crossing guard at middle school, I recruited people at the blue martini bar all the time, recruited people I met at Chamber of Commerce Events et cetera. I think the big lesson here is don’t assume that the people you’re already engaging with, interacting with or seeing while you’re out and about or on social media aren’t looking for opportunity. Because in today’s day and age, with inflation…there’s a lot of people now that their job used to be enough to cover their bills that that’s no longer the case, that is impacting a lot of different industries. There’s more people I think than ever before that either want a side hustle or they need to make some extra money just to make ends meet.

The real question here is are you going to be the one that asks them? I’m going to encourage you not to seek confidence. See a lot of people they think well, I just need confidence. If I only had confidence then I would reach out to them and I would talk to him and everything. Don’t seek confidence. Confidence is something you attain after a long period of taking appropriate action. It’s like you’re seeking something and you’re using that something as why you aren’t doing something but it’s the doing that actually gets you there. You see what I mean? Instead of confidence, seek courage. Courage can be tapped into in the moment. Courage is something that you can say you know what? In this moment I’m going to be courageous and I’m going to go ask this person.

I would highly suggest to you when it comes to where to find people, there’s not some clubhouse or some social media room where people are just waiting and thinking, which company do I join. There is not something like that, that’d be interesting but that’s not the case but all around you, every single day online and offline are people that are looking for more. They’re looking for more recognition. They’re looking for more money, they’re looking for more time freedom. They’re all around you. Don’t be too worried about your self-image more so than possibly helping other people. This is a harsh reality. If you’re not asking people, if they’re open to taking a look at what you’re doing then you care more about your self-image than possibly helping them. Ouch, I know. I know, I know this I’ve been doing this a while I know how it works. You have to be okay with them saying no, with them rejecting you, with them not interested in it and that’s okay.  At least you were courageous enough to ask the question.

So when it comes to where to find, it’s everywhere. Where is there a place where no one is ever possibly interested in making additional money. There is no place. So if there is no place like that, then all places and so if you understand that then you get to choose. Maybe you heard that it’s really cool over on TikTok but you’re not on TikTok. Don’t worry about it. If you’re comfortable with Facebook, you can still recruit the holy crap out of people on Facebook, so go for it. Remember what I covered already is pipeline. How many people you’re reaching out to, following up with etc. Well you can run pipeline on LinkedIn, you can run it on Facebook…etc. That’s just the number of people that you’re reaching out to, following up with and asking the question. You can do that anywhere so stop overthinking this part.

Now if you didn’t want to spend the time to connect with people on social media and do that sort of thing. You can always buy leads. We actually have a partnership with a company and I’ll put the link here where we have partners where you can buy leads. Now here’s the deal. These aren’t lay down leads typically but they’re great for experience. They’re great for you to build the muscle of talking to more people and offering them the opportunity to see if they want to join and recruit for your business.

Another source of where to find people to recruit is your existing customers. This is so important. I know so many people that they feel more comfortable bringing customers in and they never talk about the opportunity. Then they log into social media one day and they see their favorite customer is with a different network marketing company and they’re actually building a business and they’re like, “hey, you what are you doing over there?” and they say, “well you never told me about the opportunity. My friend told me about this opportunity and I need to make some extra money.” Now all of a sudden that loyal customer who you thought so highly of is now loyal to another opportunity and another product (usually). Make sure when you’re talking to a customer (you don’t have to be aggressive with them…and I’ll talk about what to say here in the next section) you at least bring it up, at least make it an option, it’s crazy not to.

I know people that really struggle with recruiting that have thousands of customers if they just went to those customers, a percentage of them would move forward. It’s already a product they like, it’s a no-brainer. They could tell a few friends and get the product for free, it’s a no-brainer. Make sure that in your seeking of locations of people to recruit, make sure your own customers is one of those.

What do you actually say to recruit somebody?

What I’m going to do is I’m going to actually cover what to say to your existing customers and then at the end I’m going to share with you all of my social media scripts and you can get them for absolutely free. How about that? First, I know that there’s this nervousness of approaching customers because you don’t want to turn them off and then they stop ordering. You don’t want them to feel like you’re pressuring them or anything like that and so you don’t. What you do is you go to your customers and you say…. I would do it individually. Now if you have a very large customer base then it could be a group message but for most people it’s going to be individual. You go to them and you say,

“Hey, Tina. what’s going on, girl? Hey, listen. You’ve been such a great great customer of our product and I know that you love it and it’s just so cool. I really really appreciate you. Listen, I realized I never actually brought it up to you that there’s a way where you could you know potentially get the product for free or even make some extra money over and above what you spend on products. Is that something you’re open to learning more about and if not, totally totally cool.”

Notice how I said that? I said if you’re open to it, great. If not, totally totally cool. It’s going to be a rare day where they say no, no thanks. Nah, go kick rocks. It’s just going to be a rare day where someone just says nope, not interested at all. So if they do in that mere chance, you say, “okay cool. Hey appreciate you so much. We got a new flavor coming out soon… “(or whatever you can add in there) For the 99% of people that say well yeah. How does that work?

Well we have a referral program. I would not call it network marketing, I wouldn’t call it direct sales, I wouldn’t call it social selling, I wouldn’t call it whatever other name of the month that we’re talking about here and I would just say we have a referral program because it is. It is a referral program. When you tell people about this product, they get tracked to you and anything they ever purchase you earn a percentage of and I wouldn’t go into the nitty-gritty details. You earn $26.17. I would just say it very generically like that. Anyone that you tell about, you get a percentage of whatever they ever order and at a certain point you’d be getting your products for free and then some. This is something that you can make, a little bit you can cover your products or there’s actually people in this company that are making a lot of money and that’s obviously up to you. That requires work and more explanation but is that something you’d like to know how to do? They’ll stop you, some will say no, no I’m busy, I’m a realtor or whatever like I don’t have time for this, no thank you. Fine, no harm, no foul. There’s still a great customer, but you’re going to find some people that really get intrigued by this kind of concept and they run with it.

It is not uncommon for someone to go through this kind of script and triple, quadruple their income easily. Make sure that you follow some of these suggestions. Notice I’m not being pushy, I’m not being aggressive, I’m not saying you’d be an idiot if you didn’t. I would never say something like that. I would say it exactly like that, you’re not going to turn anyone off, you’re only going to possibly turn people on and you’ll be making more money.

Additional help with what to say to recruit.

Now there’s a lot of other scenarios when it comes to recruiting and I kind of thought, “well I guess I could cover some of them….” but actually I did an entire video dedicated to this process. We have all of my social media scripts on video, here is the link, scripts. Click that link, it’s free, it’s on YouTube. You will be able to watch it and it will explain every single scenario of how to recruit and exactly word for word what to say. You want to know what to say to someone you don’t know on social media, you want to know what to say to your warm market, you want to know what to say to someone who is your friend or family member but they doubt you, they don’t believe in you? This video will cover it. Click the link and it will help you with exactly what to say for every single scenario so you become a top recruiter in your company.

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