network marketing companyIf you want to recruit more reps in your network marketing company, this will help.

Here is exactly how to prospect and recruit more of the RIGHT people to help you grow your business.

How To Recruit More People Into Your Network Marketing Company

Be willing to walk away.

I think one of the major issues around recruiting inside of network marketing is that people are way too addicted to any one prospect.

“Ray, I followed up with my brother-in-law 37 times. He’s still saying it’s a scam. What do I say?”

You stop saying anything. You freaking get out of there. Why are you spending so much time on one individual when you could have prospected 122 other people and gotten five sign ups in the meantime?

Don’t get so tied up in any one prospect. No matter their potential, no matter how connected they are, no matter what.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you don’t follow up. It doesn’t mean that you ask someone one time and then never again.

Just don’t focus so much of your energy and hinge your happiness or your excitement or power on someone saying yes. Go SAY LESS to more people. Go talk to more people. There are people looking.

People Are LOOKING

There are people with problems that want a new solution in their life. We have solutions.

I want you to really embrace this: There are more of them, than there are of us.

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That’s a good thing. There are more people with problems, money problems, time problems, hanging around the right crowd problems, growth problems, contribution problems. There are more people with those kind of problems than solutions.

You see, your network marketing opportunity, product, or service, can solve all of those problems.

They don’t have a solution. We have solutions.

Yet we treat it like they are the amazing prize. “Oh my god. That guy actually talked to me. Oh wow.”  

NO. You have the prize.

You have a solution to major problems. When you start carrying yourself that way, you’re not so worried about rejection. You’re not so worried about someone shooting you down or calling it a scam.

Recruit Producers

Recruiting big money makers and socially connected people are going to grow your business fast. They know how to produce. Below is a story of how I recruited someone who was WAITING to be recruited. See what I mean in the video below.

There you go. Don’t treat each and every prospect like they’re the super duper prize. Go talk to more people. You’ll find people just like that high end insurance guy looking.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your team.

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