How To Recover From Failure

Have you failed or are you feeling like a failure?

Here I share how I recovered from many failures and how you can too.

One Of My Failures

So, I have failed at many things. Relationships, money, and businesses.

I remember one of my real estate partners and I bought an advertising franchise. It was around $39,000. We had home equity lines of credit. Maxed those things out, bought this advertising franchise.

Went out, Florida sun, beating down commercial doors, going business to business trying to sell these ads. Did this for weeks and weeks and weeks. I was out in the hot sun trying to sell these ads.

I never made a dime. In my pocket, a dime was never placed.

But, something GOOD did come out of that.

How Good Came Out of My Failure

We bought this advertising franchise and they were based out of Minnesota.

So, I go up to Minneapolis and we do this training on how to sell the ads and run the logistics. Come back home and the CEO of that company has a house in our area. He invites me over to his clubhouse and pool and everything. I go into this community, which I’d never been in. It’s in our area, but I drove into this community and I’m like, “Wow. This is amazing.”

You pull up and there’s this monstrous fountain. Then, you go scurry around the fountain and then you get to the gate, they’ve got these massive iron gates. You go through these 30 foot gates. Gates of Mordor (for my Lord of the Ring fans).

Swings open and you pull past the gate to this white sand beach around this humongous lake. Anyone aware of sand from Destin? They ship sand from Destin, which is eight hours, truckloads of it, to fill this beach. It’s a private beach in the community. It’s around a lake. You pull up, there’s these bungalows and gazebos and the white sand beach, the huge lake. It’s amazing. I thought, I’m like, “Man, I’m going to live here. I’m going to live here.”

That community, I did a little research and stuff. That community is the only community in the state of Florida that’s ever been named the number one community in the US by the Builders’ Association. Think of all communities you’ve ever seen in Florida. None of them have ever been rated number by the Builders’ Association. They’re the only one in the state of Florida, number one in the United States, and that’s where our house is now.

I’m glad I bought that franchise.

Maybe I wouldn’t have seen it at that time in my life, maybe I wouldn’t have had that vision of building our dream home.

When it comes to your past, I share with you that story of defeat.

But I got an idea out of it. I got an idea of where I wanted to spend a lot of my life, hopefully for a very long time.

I got that idea, so to me it was worth it.

It was worth the investment to uncover that idea, to live where I wanted to live.

Successful People & Struggles

I don’t know anyone successful that has had it super smooth. I don’t know anyone.

How come you shouldn’t struggle?

Why it’s okay for Elvis to be told to go back to being a truck driver, but it’s not okay for you to struggle?

How come it’s okay for JK Rowling to be dead broke, rejected over and over and over, but it’s not okay for you to struggle?

Why is it okay for Felix Dennis (created Maxim magazine and he’s really a magazine 900 millionaire) to break down his final piece of furniture and burn it for heat because his roof was leaking, and it’s not okay for you to struggle?

Why is it okay for them, not us?

You got to understand, you’re going to struggle. There’s going to be tough times, there’s going to be challenges.

All successful people had them too. I’ve had them. You’ll have different ones. Maybe yours will be way worse, I don’t know. The worse they are, the more powerful your story is going to be. The more powerful you’re going to be able to impact people that maybe I never get to reach.

Stop being so focused on the past.

[mashtweet tweet=”Stop being so focused on the past.” quote=”Stop being so focused on the past.”]

I failed bunches of times. Every person I know that is successful today also failed bunches of times. You got to be willing to be okay with that.

Did you find that helpful?

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