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Want to reapproach someone you once spammed before?

Here’s exactly what to say and when to get these prospects to sign up.

How to Reapproach People You Spammed With Your MLM Opportunity

How do you reapproach people that you spammed or word vomited on in early excitement?

If you ruined the friendship by saying something like, “You’re an idiot if you don’t do this, this is the greatest thing ever, it’s ground floor, it’s patent pending. There’s people making a lot of money, it’s amazing. You’re an idiot if you don’t do it.”

If you ruined the relationship over it, then this is what I would do.

If your relationship with the person is shaky, I’d say:

“Hey I just want to reach out to you and I want to apologize. I just want to say when I first started with my home business I was so excited but I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and I realized I came to you and I probably looked like a total A-hole. I probably looked like an absolute jerk and I just want to apologize. Obviously I had no right to say all the things I said and I just want to apologize. I treasure our friendship, I hope I didn’t lose a friend over me being an idiot, so I’m sorry.”

No pitch.

They’re going to say and this might be over the phone or it could be through messenger, in their head they’re going to say, “Okay, mm-hmm (affirmative).”

They’re waiting for the pitch.

Don’t do it.

They’re waiting for it.

So, here’s how some people would be out of authenticity. They’ll say:

“Hey, I just want to apologize, I didn’t know what I was doing, I came at you like a charging rhino and I apologize. I shouldn’t have said the things I said and blah, blah, blah.”

And they say, “Okay, but it’s really awesome and it really is ground floor and you would totally kill this thing. C’mon let’s lock arms and make it happen man.”

Don’t do that. Don’t blow it man.

Ease the eager beaver. Calm her down. Calm her down a notch and just accept it.

Just say, “Cool.”

Do You Ever Prospect Them Again?

Now, that doesn’t mean that for the rest of your life that you’ll never be able to bring it up to them again. But for that period of time, don’t do it.

I know how most network marketers think…

They’re like, “All right, all right, cool man. You say don’t be too eager and I got it. Yeah, I got it man. I got it.”

They’re getting a little itchy and stuff, they’re like, “Yeah, I got it. Well when can I hit them? When I can get them? No, seriously. Seriously. When can I bring it up? When can I bring it up again?

Drool just coming down, “When can I go get them?”

Calm down.

There’s other people out there, okay?

Wait a couple months. Wait six months. Just don’t bring it up, give it some time.

Now, if it’s just shaky, then you can tread on this ground, still be vulnerable.  And more deflection is what I would do.

Add Deflection

[mashtweet tweet=”Always give your prospect an out.” quote=”Always give your prospect an out.”]

So, go to them and say, “Hey listen, I’ve been thinking about things and I just want to say that I apologize. I came at you kind of strong, I charged at you hard.”

Whatever analogy you want to use.

“So, I came at you hard and I just want to say I apologize, I was new, I didn’t know what I was doing, I was excited but I hadn’t been trained. I’ve now learned that I was kind of crazy and so I just want to say I’m sorry and I appreciate our friendship, I want to stay friends, I want to be good together.

Hey, I do love the business, I realize it may not be a fit for you, if you do know somebody that wants to lose some weight or have creamier skin, glittery hair, ect. Let me know but I just want to say, hey I apologize. I apologize that I came at you kind of hard.”

Some kind of mild deflection. I’m not going to talk about them joining but I’m going say “Hey, maybe you know somebody, and if you do, awesome and if you don’t, don’t worry about it.” I’m always going to give an out.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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