how to prospectHow do you prospect if you have a health issue? What’s the best way?

Here I will share exactly how to prospect and crush it in network marketing despite having health issues.

How To Prospect With Health Issues

I’m going to say maybe you’re bed-ridden, maybe you’re unable to leave the home, maybe you’re unable to leave the bed, right? So, tough situation, no doubt. It’s NOT easy to build a business if you have health issues. And, we are not making light of it. But, we do want to hopefully help you.

1. The bigger your struggle, the more duty you have to create success.

Now, the only reason I would say that is because you’re reading this and I don’t think there’s any coincidences.  I think things happen for a reason. So, the bigger your struggle, the more duty, responsibility that you have to create success.

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And on top of this, it’s more selfish if you don’t.

Now that probably comes across as tough. That probably doesn’t go down too easily.

I’ll tell you the most inspiring moment of my marketing career. I’m at a network marketing event, guy crosses the stage. I believe they hit $100,000 a year. He gave his acceptance speech in sign language. Why? Because he was born deaf, has an entire team, Deaf Nation. Have you ever had a tough call on the phone? Well, he hasn’t. Think about that for a second. Can’t hear. Deaf. When you’re deaf, it’s very difficult for you to talk properly and for you to be understood when you speak. $100,0000 a year earner, born deaf. I don’t know a more inspiring. Now, I’ve heard the I was living on mom’s couch, or my story, I was in foreclosure being chased by bill collectors. To me, that’s nothing compared to born deaf.

So, the bigger your struggle, the more responsibility you have to create success, because you’re going to inspire some people that other people can’t.

So I’m not saying I’ve had the toughest obstacles. I haven’t. But, I have been able to inspire some people because of my obstacles.

Now, are there people in tough positions not seeing this? Of course. But, you’re seeking. If you have tough obstacles and you’re seeking, it’s now your duty. It’s your responsibility, and it’s selfish if you don’t.

2. Perfect Timing

I’m going to say you were born in the perfect time.

You know, now 25 years ago, I would have said, just pick up the phone. Run ads in the newspaper like a lot of old school network marketers did. Nothing wrong with that.  Now, you could still do things like that. But fortunately, we’ve got things like Facebook. We’ve got things like social media.

In the video below, I explain more on how to use technology to your advantage to recruit more reps.

Did you find that helpful?

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